Wednesday, February 25, 2009

stuff that will never be blogged

I have discovered there are some things that I just wont be able to blog about. Things that are on my mind, but might offend someone if I actually vented about them on my blog. In some ways, this slightly annoys me because this is MY blog, I should be able to talk about whatever I want. It should be my personal journal, where I am allowed to vent and say whats on my mind. But I am nicer than that, and just cant do it. So my running partner has become my "Off The Record" blog. haha.

Different subject
I get to go to Florida!!! YAY! I am so pumped. My mom and dad were planning to go down to our old vacation spot in Siesta Key (in Sarasota Fl) and invited G, myself and my sister along. It will be nice to get out of here for a few days and go to the best beach in the world. If you have never been down there, GO! The beach is amazing! It has the whitest and softest sand anywhere. And we are staying in old condo's where we used to stay when i was younger. Can. Not. Wait! Not until March 25 though... still got a month.


  1. YAY for "off the record" venting, lol! And I want to know more about this vaca spot, I'm thinking about taking Trinton to Florida for Spring Break.

  2. you can just have to pretend that it's not have this friend who told me this silly story about this guy who...

    you know...just get creative with your venting.