Monday, April 11, 2011

Revised schedule

Daily workout: 5 miles / treadmill

Well last week wasn't a very good week in the training department. When it comes down to it, I only ran one day. I wasn't feeling good at the beginning of the week and on saturday it rained and Sunday just got busy with other chores and errands. All in all, not great excuses but it is what is at this point. So, since I only have three weeks till race day, including only 2 saturday long runs, I have decided to adjust my schedule a bit. Also, I have decided to start doing two days of bikrsm yoga. I really do like it and I think it's helping with my running. Plus, I'd Ike to go get better in my practice. So here's how the next three week are gonna go:

Monday (today): 5
Tuesday: yoga
Wednesday: 7
Thursday: yoga
Friday: rest
Saturday: 11
Sunday: rest
Monday: 6
Tuesday: yoga
Wednesday: 8
Thursday: yoga
Friday: rest
Saturday: 9
Monday: 5
Tuesday: yoga
Wednesday: 3
Thursday: yoga
Friday: rest
Saturday: 1/2 marathon!!!

So no real taper but I think it will be ok and totally doable. Maybe?!?!?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 miler photos.

Workout: 3 miles - 27 minutes -- still sick

Wanna see some awesome pictures?

These are from the 10 miler 2 saturdays ago..

Fantastic.. really.. these are awesome! UGH.. yuck. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Website

Saturday: 8 miles, walk/run -- I have been sick for the last several days, and wasn't feeling it on Saturday. 
Today: Skipped.. supposed to do 5 miles, but still feeling bad and it rained. 

I may, or may not have mentioned before that I own my own design company. I was a graphic design major in college and after a few years of working for an agency, I decided to start doing some freelance work on the side. Since then, I have gained a few more clients but still work a regular design job during the day. With my hubby's encouragement, I have sort of decided that my personal busines is what I want to do full time, but it's going to take some more clients to get there.
Which all leads me to, my new website!!

I am extremely excited about it. It basically took me a year to complete. I am not really a web designer, but like to do stuff that is more print based. So putting together this site, all by myself, was a bit challenging and definitely a learning curve. If you visit the site, you can see that do a lot of work for professional clients but I also enjoy doing wedding and party invitations, personal business cards, stationery and anything else you can think of.

My next step is to open up my own Etsy shop to better serve the masses. But if anyone has any work that they need done, please contact me. I am extremely reasonable and quick!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Current Reading list

I have always been a fan of books. And when buying books, I usually buy the hard copy. I have picked up several books in the recent months, some actual copies, and some on my iPad.
Currently I have been reading The Girl Who Played With Fire.

I have gotten about 1/2 way through, and just can't seem to remember to pick it up and read. But I need to get moving on it because I have several others on the list. Here's the current:

For my dad

should probably have read before starting my training

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome new followers & readers

I thought I would redo my first ever blog post for any newbie readers out there. Thanks again to Skinny Runner for including me in her Cat Lady Blogs. 
(Edits made in RED)

Hello all, and welcome to my blog. I felt the need to start a blog because I think that I have a lot to talk about. But before I get into all that, let me introduce myself with a quick 25 facts about me (which may include topics that come up later).
1. I am 26 (28!) years old
2. I am engaged (Married!) to the most wonderful person who puts up with every part of me
3. My wedding is (was) Sept 25 (you will read much about my planning process)
4. I have a 1 (3) year old, 100lb yellow lab, who gets into trouble, but slowly becoming a good dog.
5. I am a graphic designer
6. I am started my own company last (3) year, and now trying to get new clients.. recently updated my website! Please check it out for any and all design needs!
7. I am a constant myspace, facebook and email checker
8. I am currently training for a mini marathon that is in April (this will be my fourth!)
9. My only sister lives in LA and i miss her.
10. I am considering a career change to nursing - not so much any more
11. I think I have the best family in the world
12. My father is currently going through treatments for brain cancer - still rockin'
13. I have always wanted to move away from home, did once, lasted 2 months.. still want to do it again, probably wont
14. My best friend has encouraged me to write this so she has something to read ;) is she still reading!??!?!
15. I love University of Kentucky basketball - Can't believe they made it to the final 4!
16. I wish I had more time to create things.. photography, painting, etc.
17. I am a big fan of before/after reality shows.. right now its Amazing Race
18. Nothings better than a summer night on my back porch with my fiance (hubby), dog and a good bottle of wine
19. I think I am turning my fiance (hubby) into a country music fan! well maybe not so much
20. I could wear a white tshirt and jeans everyday and be fine
21. I have over 70 pairs of shoes.. all of which i wear
22. I LOVE school supplies, especially pens, the inky ones
23. I consider my self a very loyal and good friend, even though I may not be around a lot
24. I like making new foods, but could live off of potatoes everyday
25. I hope that I can continue to write this blog, even if its just for my own well being.

Most is still the same, some things have changed. Hope you stick around!

Hormones and Challenges

Anyone else's hormones way out of wack!? I am serious!! I know this is a little personal, but really, it's getting bad. And what I am really noticing is my face breaking out and my hair falling out. It's crazy. My face hasn't been this bad in years, YEARS I tell you. Let me give you an example...
Do you see this? WHAT IS THIS?!? WHY WHY WHY people!? I am on a war path to make this better.. spending lots of money on different kinds of products, and nothing.
I even have asked my doctor.. and basically got laughed at. And not to mention my hair is falling out.. not like in chunks, but there is WAY more hair in the skin than normal.. I am getting nervous. 

But since my doctor didn't give me any clue as to what to do, I have decided to take matters in to my own hands. 

I had been taking daily vitamins religiously for a while, but then kind of fell off. So I am starting again. Taking vitamins to help me with my breakouts and my hair loss. Currently I am taking a multi-vitamin, fiber, potassium, B12 and Omega 3, 6, 9. The B12 and Omega's should help. And once I run out of the B12, I am going to go to a B-complex. 

But it's kind of a test.. I don't really know what I am doing. I am going to see if things start to clear up. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great. 

Another challenge, to help with over all health, my face and hair and to save some money, G and I have decided to eat at home for the month of April. Every meal. We need to get back to cooking at home, and to eating better (we usually do better this way). I am hoping to keep track of everything, to keep us accountable but with my track record lately, we will see. The only meal we plan on eating out is for G's bday, other than that home it is (or if someone wants to cook for us). Wish us luck!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Race Recap

Yes.. I ran on saturday in the last leg of the Triple Crown of Running here in town. This was a 10 mile race. Last year, my time was around 1:45. So this year, I was just hoping to beat 1:40. My training hasn't been all that great lately. I mean, I continue to run 3 days a week but my strength training and other cross training could be better. I have picked up doing hot yoga on tuesdays which I think is really helping... I just love to sweat out all the bad stuff.
My official race time for the 10 miler was...
wait for it..


I was SUPER pumped about this. I wasn't sure how I was going to do. This was the third race I basically ran by myself. I even had to go out and get myself an iPod shuffle the night before. My pace has definitely picked up this year.. I think it is due to not "over" running. But this course has some major hills right smack dab in the middle of the race, and I totally felt myself slowing down through these hills. And my feet were in some serious pain, but I kept trucking along, and PR'd by like 12 minutes!! Woot Woot.

The next race April 30.. and it's the 1/2 marathon. I just gotta keep my training up and hopefully get some more strength training in.
before the race... I'm nice and blurry!!