I guess it's finally time to write an "about me" section! So here goes..

I am a 20 something gal living in Louisville, Kentucky.  I married my best friend and biggest supporter, G on September 25, 2009. 
Currently I work as a graphic designer for a small, local advertising agency, but looking to build my personal business and work from home (if you have any print design needs, please go to www. peapoddesignonline.com). I have a passion for all things design, typography and photography and love looking for new inspirations.
We have the biggest and baddest dog, Charlie Baxter. He is a full blown yellow lab and makes us a little crazy some days but we love him just the same. He makes some appearances on the blog every now and then. 
 I started Bloggy McBlogerton's as a way to vent about daily frustrations and to help me with my want/need to get into shape. Some weeks I am really good about blogging, and some weeks I am not, but I hope to keep it up and continue to entertain with my ramblings.
In addition to working full time I am slowly but surely making fitness and health a major priority in my life. I am always on the hunt for new exercises and recipes to try. I have ran (almost) 4 1/2 marathons and several 5Ks, 10Ks and 10 milers. And I am getting into Bikram hot yoga. This comes up all the time on the blog.
I am true blue, University of Kentucky fan through and through. I could wear a tshirt and jeans everyday. I live for the day that I have nothing on my to-do list. I long to travel the world. I would love to live in a different state, but probably wont happen any time soon. I would take cookies over any dessert and could eat a potato for every meal. I want to be able to get back into doing art. I am a good friend to all who get to know me. I am extremely patient. And I think real Coke from McDonald's is the absolute BEST. I love to create, and would one day love to have a paper business.

My blog is my attempt to keep me accountable, to let me vent, to blurt out random ideas, my recipe challenges and my workout rotations. Please join me as I figure out what it all means. Please keep in mind that this blog is just a portion of what really goes on in my every day life, and any thing and everything is purely opinion.