Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wedding shoes

I cant help myself today, but I must blog. haha.

I have come to discover, I dont like bridal shoes. I hate hate hate the dyeable ones... they are never attractive.. and really? dying your shoes, come on. I think I am also disliking because I am having a hard time deciding what kind of shoe I want. I am tryin to envision something with my dress.. and I cant come up with what it is. I think its gonna have to be some kind of d'orsay type shoe with an embellishment. I am going to be adding a charcoal sash at my reception, so they would need to go with that too. My dress is pretty white, so I dont think I could get away with a gold or silver shoe.. I think its gonna have to be white. Do you think they would mind if i walked down the aisle barefoot?!? Any thoughts or suggestions definitely welcome!!


  1. Go for it! Walk down the aisle barefoot!!!! I would totally do it. Be comfortable, it's your day!

    Also, I really liked the shoes yesterday from your link, however a lot of the sizes were already gone, you think that they would get more in?

  2. Check out the shoes at Rebecca's Bridal on Chenoweth. I had never liked dyable one's either, but I found a fantastic pair there, and they had just enough bling on the front near the "peep" for my peep toed shoes. :)