Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bathroom saga continues

So.. I definitely went out and bought paint last night. I had this vision of a green bathroom, with a bold black and white shower curtain (does this sound familiar??? maybe my blog was inspiration). I went ahead and got some green bathroom paint, and trim. Its kind of hard to explain the green though. Kind of a dusty neon? does this make sense? I had to keep it light since the room is so small, but definitely wanted to jazz it up a bit. I basically just got the trim done and part of one wall (I just had to see the green). But, I am having a very hard time find a damask style shower curtain like I wanted.
I am kind of thinking that if I do something this bold with the shower curtain, it is really not going to match the rest of the house, so maybe I'll have to go with a softer, multi colored shower curtain. I found one at target I sort of like, but i need to see it in person to really determine (and also make sure it matches my paint color) ...