Friday, February 13, 2009

Early Happy V-day

Since tomorrow I probably wont send about a blog, I wish to say Happy Valentine's Day to all. I do think it is a little corny, but none the less, everyone should feel loved.

But I do have a quick story. So my dad has been in the hospital right? Well, he finally got out this week, YAY! However, since he had his surgery he can no longer drive because his vision is now impaired on the left side. Basically he doesn't have much of a peripheral to the left. So, he wanted to do something for my mother for Valentine's Day (since she has been so wonderful through out the whole thing) and I was summoned to help. First I ordered the flowers for him, which he does every year. Then he said he also needed a card. At the time he asked this, he was still in the hospital, so I said I would pick out a card for him to give to her. He told me he wanted a mushy card (by the way, dad has been a little emotional ever since the surgery), which is a little unlike him, but I agreed. I finally got to the card shop last night.. and its HARD to pick out a card for your dad to give your mother. I mean I didnt know what he wanted it to say! And I dont' like those real long winded cards that go on forever, so I was trying to avoid those, but keep it sweet and to the point. I would have done a whole lot better picking out some witty card with a joke. I hope he likes the card I got him to give her... cause it was a tough task.

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