Monday, February 9, 2009

Bridesmaid dress! (DPD- double post day)

As I told you, one of my bridesmaids and I went out in search of bridesmaid dresses on Saturday. We first took the long journey out to Couture Closet in La Grange KY (the girl who helped us, by the way, was so great and helpful, even giving me another suggestion for my photographer) because they carried a brand that i wanted her to try on, Amsale. But after arriving ( I was late from my 6 mile run!!) we discovered that the dresses were going to be $290! I am sorry, that is just plain crazy to pay that much for a little piece of fabric. So off we went to another store in Middletown. There I had her try on a variety of dresses, hoping that at least one would come in my color. My friend, who is like 5'7" and 50 lbs ;), of course looks good in everything, and was completely sold on just about every dress she tried on. But... I think we have found it. It is a dress by my favorite bridal/bridesmaid designer Jim Hjelm. And it comes in my color. And I can get a discount. And I think it will look good on all of them. And it has pockets!


  1. and you get a free ring!!! ha-ha. I wish I was 5'7 and 50 lbs. ;)

  2. No, then you would probably not be alive. let's keep you breathing.