Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wedding Woes Part 2

Let see.. where did I leave off yesterday.. oh yes, flowers. I guess going along the same theme of flowers is centerpieces. In all reality, I could care less about whats on the center of the table, it really seems like a waste of money to me. But then again, when I picture my reception, centerpieces are necessary to make it look beautiful. I am going to follow along with the calla lily idea and incorporate it into my centerpieces as well. My original idea was to have a tall clear vase and one calla, with some tea lights. But when I went looking for pictures, I think I'll have to go with more than one flower. (all fake of course).

Now let me just say, I do not like the feather (or whatever that is) in the first photo. Its merely for the shape of the glass and the 2 callas. Also, I have found a place to get the vases for cheap, but does any one know of a good place to get wholesale fake flowers??

Next, I said I picked out my cake. Actually, a friend of our family makes THE BEST Italian creme cake EVER!!! It is to-die-for. So I have asked her to make my 4 tier cake, and she happily agreed. But she doesn't decorate, so I am going to get my caterer to do it (hopefully), and this is what i want it to look like :

Isn't it beautiful!??!?!

I cant remember if I mentioned it or not, but I am also going to be designing my own logo, invitations, programs, place cards, etc for the wedding. I think maybe I have gone a little to far, but being a designer I just cant NOT create these things myself. I am going to have a tough time, I can already tell. But I need to get my butt moving on it. But I have definitely found some cute cute ideas from 2 sites and

Also, for invitation, I found some great inspiration from a site called (side note, have you been to this site!?!? Its awesome. Its a place to buy and sell any and everything handmade.. and in this case, wedding invitations!) But here are some that I think are amazing.

But I still need to put my own twist on it and incorporate my fabulous logo that I have yet to create!

Any thoughts are definitely welcome. And tell your friends about my blog!!
(another side note.. I am still learning about what I can and can't post on as far as images go, so just bear with me. And also what my layout looks like. I am sure i will change it often! :) )

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