Monday, March 2, 2009

weekend review

Let's see...

I haven't blogged in a while, because to be frank, there hasn't been much to say! haha. Things are going pretty smoothly and we have been staying semi busy. G finally talked to the photographer last week and we are working out the details to make sure everything is a go for our wedding date. Friday night, we ended up taking fish over to my parents house for dinner since it is lent. Dad had done his 5 days of chemo last week, and really shouldn't have been out in a public setting since his immune system is down, so G and I went to our church fish fry and got some sandwiches. We ended up going home relatively early and buying a movie off On Demand. I made G watch "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" Has anyone else seen this?! It's actually pretty good. Although, Scarlett Johannson gets on my nerves (I think I have expressed this feeling before).
Saturday we went to look at tux's for the wedding. I had no idea there were sooo many choices!! I mean, who knew?!?! I originally wanted the groomsmen to wear a charcoal vest and bow tie to match the girls dresses, but I didn't really like the swatches that were in the charcoal color. So for right now, they are going to be in black. And then I originally wanted G to be in black to be different from the groomsmen, but since the charcoal didn't work out, he is gong to wear a white vest and white bow tie. I haven't completely decided on this look, and am going to take the bridesmaid dress in to match once it comes in. I just cant see the whole look in my head. Then i am also concerned that the guys are going to look way more formal than the girls, since the girls dresses are cocktail length!! AH I just don't know!!! But they will look sort of like this.. but not gray.
And by the way, tuxedo vests can be the ugliest things I have ever seen. The patterns in the fabric are atrocious. I am going to have plain vests (and ties) that have a slight sheen to them and that's it!

So that was the sum of the weekend. Oh, and I ran 9 miles on Saturday!!! I am almost ready for the mini marathon. The first race of the triple crown is this Saturday. It is only a 5K, but I hope that I have a good time for it. My running partner and I have been doing very well with our training. And the last time I ran 3 miles, I did it in 31:18.. so I think that is pretty good!! Wish me luck! Today is going to be a cooooold run, considering its only like 24 degrees outside. Oh well, at least the big dog (charlie) will get to go.

Have a good day!!
PS. This took me about 5 hours to finish!


  1. Did you go to S Meyers? If so who helped you? If I can be of any assitance with it let me know.

  2. i did go to S Meyers. I cant remember the guys name. Some older, heavy set guy. Very nice, very helpful