Sunday, February 27, 2011

16th Race

Yesterday I ran my 16th race ever! Wahoo. ha.
It was the first leg of the Triple Crown (5K, 10K, 10 miler) leading up to the Derby 1/2 Marathon in April. So yesterday was the 5K. I had wanted to break my previous 5K PR of 31:00. Actually, I wanted to beat 30 min all together. And after finding out I was going to be doing this race alone, I just had a feeling I could do it.

My official time:

I am so pumped. I honestly didn't think that I could shave off almost 4 minutes from my previous time, but wow! So Congrats to me!!!!

I will say though, running a race by yourself isn't so much fun. The running part is OK, but the before and after just kind of suck. Especially if you just blew away your old PR and want to be excited with someone. Just saying.

The next race, 10K, is in 2 weeks... gotta  get some more long runs in. I am feeling behind.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's happening?

Daily Workouts:
Monday - 3 miles (in the POURING rain - G was not happy with me) - don't remember my time
Tuesday - Brazilian Butt Lift - Bum Bum video (30 min) + 125 ab moves
Wednesday - 3.5 miles - 32:00 min! (pretty fast for me!)

Anyone else feel that things are really crazy right now? I mean, every time I turn on the news, it's more bad stuff! And I don't know if this is always how the world is and if I am just noticing more or if it's really out of control right now.

From the random dead birds, and dead baby dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico to the uproars in the middle east and the craziness of our own government, I am just not sure what to think.

Maybe I have been watching too many shows about the "end of the world" that is supposedly to happen next year! I can't help myself. I hope that is not foretelling!!! Just a word to the wise, unless you want to be anxious about the next 2 years, don't watch the history channel!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Zucchini Bread

yes, half of the larger loaf is gone
Yesterday I was on a ROLL. I decided to make my family recipe spaghetti sauce (can't share the recipe!!) and some zucchini bread. After the bread was made, G was wondering why I have never made it before. ha! I feel like we always used to make it when I was younger. Soooo good!

So here's a quick and easy recipe:
Zucchini Bread    325degrees / 1 hr.
3 eggs
1 cup oil
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups grated zucchini (one big zucchini will usually work, I actually think a little more than 2 cups is good)
3 cups sifted flour
1 1/2 teaspoon soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
(optional- 1 cup chopped  nuts or raisons)

combine all elements. use baking spray on pans, fill up half way with batter.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

P90X review-- a little late

Daily workout - 4 mile run/39:07

I forgot a while back to do my measurement review from my 1 month of P90X. I only did the phase 1 because I knew I'd be starting my 1/2 marathon training in February. And although, I'd like to be a badass and say I could do both, I don't think so! I tried to make my own schedule doing that last year, and kind of burnt myself out, and really, the results weren't there like I had hoped. So, I just did 1 month to get some good cardio and weight training in before starting my 1/2 training
Here are my numbers:
Chest : -1.5"
R Arm : same as before
L Arm : -.5 (yes, my arms measure differently)
Waist: -1"
Hips: -.5"
R Thigh: -.5"
L Thigh: +.5" (yeah, these aren't the same either)

So overall, I was down in every category a little bit. I think my weight was pretty much the same, and continues to be the same. But I do feel like my clothes are a little loser and I'm definitely gaining muscle in my arms... my masseuse even told me I had good muscle definition in my back! woot.

There you have it. I plan on doing another measurement at the end of 4 weeks of 1/2 training and see how it's effecting my body. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shoe update and more

I FINALLY went and picked up my new shoes last night.. and surprise surprise.. they are NOT the 2150s, but rather the 2160s!!!! Apparently, the shoe store could not order the 2150s because they are last season, so the 60s are the updated model. I tried them on, and while they felt slightly different from the 2150s I tried on, I think they will be just fine. I am testing on my "long" (4 miles) run tomorrow. And as a bonus, a MUCH improved color combination. 

So, I did end up running on Wednesday, 3 miles. I did not, however, do my strength training. And to be honest, I am feeling kind of bad about my slacking the past 2 weeks. I was doing so well when I was P90X-ing, and now, my strength training has just gone down hill. Sadly, I think my body is feeling the same thing. So tonight, as my cross training, I am going to really sweat it out. I need it. The flab on my stomach needs it. How else am I supposed to be in bikini shape by may? I really need to get back on the ball with eating better (we havent been to the grocery in a while, which results in eating out way to much) and really sweating, and working on strength. 

Stay tuned for a P90X "after" measurements post, which I totally forgot to do 2 weeks ago.. oops!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Still here...

Just been busy.. when did I last post? I can't remember.

Past few days workouts:

Friday - P90X Core Synergistic video
Saturday - 4 mile run (have no idea my time because I messed up my watch)
Sunday - rest day (was supposed to do strength and stretch.. didn't)
Monday - had planned a 3 mile run, but it was Valentine's day and my hubby suprised me with reservations
Tuesday - 2 miles/ 19:19 (I was speeding along - for me - at the end because we got UK tickets last minute!! )

Today I am scheduled for another 3 miles and some strength training (arms). Crossing my fingers that I get both done because I just need to get back on schedule. After tonights run, I am off tomorrow and then some cross training on friday (cardio video) and a 4 miler on saturday.

But one thing I am EXCITED about is NEW SHOES!!!! I haven't bought new running shoes since training for the Maui 1/2 in September. Well, I haven't really run since then either, but I have been putting the shoes to work while doing other forms of exercise. I went 2 weeks ago to get fitted for some new shoes. I have basically been fitted for the same shoe, multiple times. But when G and I were training in the summer, I was having some leg/foot pain. So after the race (didnt want them to tell me I could run!) I went to see an orthopedic. And he said he couldn't find anything wrong, but to get new shoes and more specifically, to visit Swag's here in town because they know what they are talking about. So, finally, I got out there. And you know what? He told me my shoes were TOO BIG! Here I have been running in the same shoe, for almost 2 years, in the wrong size! He said I wore them well, but that they were just too big. So, I ordered the correct size.. and I get to pick them up today!!!

Asics 2150.. in size 7.5! (don't believe people that say you HAVE to go up a size in athletic shoes)

Oh, and asics (and other shoe brands) need to have some better options on colors for women. Just saying.

And a shout and congratulations to Running off the Reese on finding a shoe that fits! And that is also the Asics 2150!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today's Trends

Daily workout: rest day

Have you all taken a look at today's fashion? Sometimes I just don't get it. And maybe because I am nearing 30, and being "trendy" and "hip" aren't really words I use any more. Don't get me wrong, I am FAR from mom jeans, I just prefer to be a little more classic, if you will. But I just think some of today's fashion for young adults looks.. well.. trashy. Kind of like not much effort was used, almost an homage to the early 90s.

Exhibit A:
umm. nice high water cut offs.. I may have worn this when I was 12. 

Exhibit B:
excuse me, why is your hat so small?
Exhibit C:
I just don't get the "hipster" look
Exhibit D:
Does anyone else feel this way? Everything just looks so sloppy. Do a google search for "Early 90s Fashion" and you will find styles that are out right now! YIKES.

Let's just hope we don't go here:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Daily Workout: 3 miles/27min (with a few walking breaks where I stopped my watch)

Check out my new chairs!

I have been wanting to get chairs for the opposite side of the room for a while now. And every where I have looked they are a little over my price range. But I was looking on Target's website a few weeks ago and found these! And they were on sale. I went ahead and just did it. And I love them. Our room has tan walls, 2 navy and cream carpets (chain link, as seen), leather couches and dark wood TV stand and shelves. I think these cream and brown chairs match pretty well, but then again, I'm no expert! 

Like? Hate? (wait, don't tell me if you hate them!)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Swimsuit Seaon Here I come!

this dog was not my friend on my run today.
Daily workout: 2 miles/18min

 So with all this running and working out, there has to be an ultimate goal.. and boy do I have one! I was invited by my friend/running partner R to go to the Dominican in May!!! I am super pumped, but this means I have to get in SHAPE because lord knows I will have to wear a bathing suit. But to entice me a little more, I have started to look at new suits that I may want to purchase. Here are a few:
Love the back
Victorias secret
Victorias Secret 2  


Oh, and I will look "just" like these girls too.

Any other suggestions for places to look?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Run run run!!!

Can't remember if I mentioned (I think I did), I have decided to train and run the Derby 1/2 marathon again this year.

It will be my third time running and I am hoping (*cross my fingers*) that I PR. I have run 3 1/2's in the past 2 years, and basically had the same time every race (2:25... slow)

I hesitated on whether or not I wanted to do it again this year. I hadn't run since the Maui 1/2 marathon in September, and just didn't have the motivation to run. Plus, after Maui, my legs were really hurting. But, G told me was going to do it, so, being the wonderful wife that I am (!) I gave in and signed up.

I also decided that I was not going to do the same training program I had done for the past 2 years. Basically, it was 5 days a week of running (M, T, W, Th, S), with Saturday being the long runs. It's just a LOT of running. I don't enjoy running enough to run that many days. And it was 16 weeks! Just tooo much. So, I found a 12 week schedule that has 3 mandatory run days, with another optional day, plus strength and cross training days. I think this will suit my needs MUCH better. I still want to be able to do strength training to be able to keep the muscles I have developed, and to continue to burn fat. So I think I am going to do some P90X vids for my CT and strength.

But today was DAY 1!!!!!
It was cold (34 degrees), wet and snowy!! But we did it, 3 Miles. Even with walking a bit, we finished in 30:53. I am happy about that on our first day. I was a little worried since I hadn't run at ALL since Maui, but suprisingly did OK.

Tomorrow is 2 miles OR cross training. I can't decide what I am going to do yet. Maybe CT so I can get an hour of sweat in.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Fitness

Basically, I decided back in January that I was going to start a new program of P90X, but just for 30 days. I am loving this 30 day worth of one program, and then moving on to a new routine. I seem to get burned out around day 30, so it helps me to stay motivated and excited about working out.

I was planning on starting the 1st monday of January, but unfortunately I got sick that first week. Like sicker than I have been in years! And so, I ended up starting the 2nd monday.

I am doing the P90X Lean routine. And work out 5 days. I skip the yoga on thursday, because frankly I just don't like it. And plus, I find that I usually have one night where something else comes up and have to shift some days around. I am not really worried about missing the yoga day because I think 5 days a week is still a lot and definitely worth while. I have definitely noticed a difference in my arms and upperback. Plus, my pants are fitting a LOT better. I am planning on measuring next week, since I am currently on week 4. I will be comparing my numbers to my final numbers from the Brazilian Butt Lift.

So that is what I have been doing for the last month. I will let you know next week how my "numbers" go. And fill you in on my next routine.