Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome new followers & readers

I thought I would redo my first ever blog post for any newbie readers out there. Thanks again to Skinny Runner for including me in her Cat Lady Blogs. 
(Edits made in RED)

Hello all, and welcome to my blog. I felt the need to start a blog because I think that I have a lot to talk about. But before I get into all that, let me introduce myself with a quick 25 facts about me (which may include topics that come up later).
1. I am 26 (28!) years old
2. I am engaged (Married!) to the most wonderful person who puts up with every part of me
3. My wedding is (was) Sept 25 (you will read much about my planning process)
4. I have a 1 (3) year old, 100lb yellow lab, who gets into trouble, but slowly becoming a good dog.
5. I am a graphic designer
6. I am started my own company last (3) year, and now trying to get new clients.. recently updated my website! Please check it out for any and all design needs!
7. I am a constant myspace, facebook and email checker
8. I am currently training for a mini marathon that is in April (this will be my fourth!)
9. My only sister lives in LA and i miss her.
10. I am considering a career change to nursing - not so much any more
11. I think I have the best family in the world
12. My father is currently going through treatments for brain cancer - still rockin'
13. I have always wanted to move away from home, did once, lasted 2 months.. still want to do it again, probably wont
14. My best friend has encouraged me to write this so she has something to read ;) is she still reading!??!?!
15. I love University of Kentucky basketball - Can't believe they made it to the final 4!
16. I wish I had more time to create things.. photography, painting, etc.
17. I am a big fan of before/after reality shows.. right now its Amazing Race
18. Nothings better than a summer night on my back porch with my fiance (hubby), dog and a good bottle of wine
19. I think I am turning my fiance (hubby) into a country music fan! well maybe not so much
20. I could wear a white tshirt and jeans everyday and be fine
21. I have over 70 pairs of shoes.. all of which i wear
22. I LOVE school supplies, especially pens, the inky ones
23. I consider my self a very loyal and good friend, even though I may not be around a lot
24. I like making new foods, but could live off of potatoes everyday
25. I hope that I can continue to write this blog, even if its just for my own well being.

Most is still the same, some things have changed. Hope you stick around!

Hormones and Challenges

Anyone else's hormones way out of wack!? I am serious!! I know this is a little personal, but really, it's getting bad. And what I am really noticing is my face breaking out and my hair falling out. It's crazy. My face hasn't been this bad in years, YEARS I tell you. Let me give you an example...
Do you see this? WHAT IS THIS?!? WHY WHY WHY people!? I am on a war path to make this better.. spending lots of money on different kinds of products, and nothing.
I even have asked my doctor.. and basically got laughed at. And not to mention my hair is falling out.. not like in chunks, but there is WAY more hair in the skin than normal.. I am getting nervous. 

But since my doctor didn't give me any clue as to what to do, I have decided to take matters in to my own hands. 

I had been taking daily vitamins religiously for a while, but then kind of fell off. So I am starting again. Taking vitamins to help me with my breakouts and my hair loss. Currently I am taking a multi-vitamin, fiber, potassium, B12 and Omega 3, 6, 9. The B12 and Omega's should help. And once I run out of the B12, I am going to go to a B-complex. 

But it's kind of a test.. I don't really know what I am doing. I am going to see if things start to clear up. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great. 

Another challenge, to help with over all health, my face and hair and to save some money, G and I have decided to eat at home for the month of April. Every meal. We need to get back to cooking at home, and to eating better (we usually do better this way). I am hoping to keep track of everything, to keep us accountable but with my track record lately, we will see. The only meal we plan on eating out is for G's bday, other than that home it is (or if someone wants to cook for us). Wish us luck!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Race Recap

Yes.. I ran on saturday in the last leg of the Triple Crown of Running here in town. This was a 10 mile race. Last year, my time was around 1:45. So this year, I was just hoping to beat 1:40. My training hasn't been all that great lately. I mean, I continue to run 3 days a week but my strength training and other cross training could be better. I have picked up doing hot yoga on tuesdays which I think is really helping... I just love to sweat out all the bad stuff.
My official race time for the 10 miler was...
wait for it..


I was SUPER pumped about this. I wasn't sure how I was going to do. This was the third race I basically ran by myself. I even had to go out and get myself an iPod shuffle the night before. My pace has definitely picked up this year.. I think it is due to not "over" running. But this course has some major hills right smack dab in the middle of the race, and I totally felt myself slowing down through these hills. And my feet were in some serious pain, but I kept trucking along, and PR'd by like 12 minutes!! Woot Woot.

The next race April 30.. and it's the 1/2 marathon. I just gotta keep my training up and hopefully get some more strength training in.
before the race... I'm nice and blurry!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So devastated..

Daily Workouts: 
Tuesday: 4 miles - 41:11
Wednesday : 6.32 - 56:14 (that's way faster than I ran the 10K on saturday!)

Still totally in awe and completely devastated about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I can't even put into words how unbelievable it all is. And every day there are more stories of this whole nuclear radiation threat and of more bodies being discovered under the rubble. It's all very sad, and I can't hep but feel helpless. It just makes you realize how grateful we should all be for the lives we have, for at any minute it can all be taken away from you.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

10K Race

On saturday, I ran my 3rd 10K. I checked my times from the last two years to see what kind of time I was going to go for this year. I decided that I wanted to break 1 hour, since I came in at 1:02 last year.

please excuse this TERRIBLE picture.

Here is G and I before the race.  I ended up leaving G at about the 1 mile mark because my pace was just going to be a bit faster than his. So, I ran the race by myself. In some ways, I think this helps because I am able to work on my own time and pace, but then again, I kind of like being able to chat along the way. My pockets in my jacket weren't deep enough to hold my phone without it falling out, so I ended up having to carry my phone the whole way, didn't really like that either. But really, I felt pretty good through the whole race. My left leg started to feel a little bit of pain, but I just pushed through to finish.

And my time:  56:26!!!

I am uber pumped I beat the 1 hour and even by 3 min. YAY me!!!!

yes, ick.

And here we are at the end. So happy to be done. We have the 10 miler in 2 weeks, so now to prepare for that.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who cares about Charlie Sheen!?

Daily Workout: 5.36 miles (53:33)

I am probably the only one who could care less about Charlie Sheen. I think its all for publicity and a bit rediculous. It's been going on for way too long for it to still be news. In a lot of ways I think that celebrities get way too much written about them, and sites like Twitter have only made it worse. I mean seriously, I don't care what the hell Paris Hilton is doing every second of her life. I think people get to wrapped up in following each and every celebrity and don't realize that it's generally not real life. It's kind of like pictures in magazines, there isn't one picture that isn't airbrushed and "fixed", making the general public believe something that isn't true.

But this whole Charlie Sheen thing has really gone over the edge. Kind of like Lindsey Lohan. Who cares, they are nuts and have too much money and thing everything is owed to them. I'm not going to act like I don't read People or watch the occasional Entertainment Tonight, but generally, I could care less. Another one, Sarah Palin! (I won't get into politics, but what has she said that's worth anything recently).

It really struck my attention when I read this on someones Facebook status the other day:
"Charlie Sheen is all over the news because he's a celebrity drug addict while Andrew Wilfahrt 31, Brian Tabada 21, Rudolph Hizon 22, Chauncy Mays 25, are soldiers who gave their lives this week with no media mention. Please honor them by posting this as your status for a little while"

It is really amazing though, isn't it? We never hear about these people who are fighting and losing their lives for this country and yet every piece of new information is covering Charlie Sheen. Puts things in perspective a little bit and now American's can get caught up in everything that isn't important and not look at what is really going on in the world.

Just a little thought for the day.  A great article was written on CNN today about this same thing.. Here's the LINK

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dinner for Kings!

Daily Workout: none (took a day off)

   I made the BEST dinner tonight.

Seared tuna steak with a marinad of olive oil, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, lime juice, salt and pepper. Topped with an avocado. With roasted zucchini, onion and red pepper. And a side salad containing spinach, roma tomato, carrot and goat cheese with a balsamic vinagrette dressing.

Good good good! and Heathy healthy healthy!

Oh, and don't forget my glass of chardonnay!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Daily Workout: 
1:15 Hot Bikram Yoga

I have wanted to do hot yoga for a while and finally got up the nerve to go last week. I asked my running partner R to go with me and we prepared ourselves for class. Now it said to make sure you are properly hydrated, drinking lots of water through out the day and not to eat at least 3 hours prior to class. So, last thursday, I drank water all day and only ate lunch.


I was definitely not prepared for class. I was dripping from the moment I walked in the room. Apparently it was "hot" that night (as said by regulars). I almost passed out a few times, totally saw stars and my hands started to tingle. I had to lay down and stop frequently. And crazy enough, I felt better doing some of the poses rather than just standing there. I find out when I am in there, that I should have hydrated the day before and not the day of.. and I should have had a snack around 3 (class was at 5:45). I felt better by the end of classes and made it out alive.

So, as to not admit defeat.. I went again!! ACK. (who am I?) I just felt that learning what I had learned AFTER the last class, I could better prepare myself for class tonight. I drank water and gatorade all day yesterday and today.. and had a snack today of graham crackers and peanut butter around 3:30. And I was MUCH more prepared for class tonight. I wasn't able to go through the whole class without stopping, but I did more than I did last thursday and wasnt' as dizzy. And I don't think the room was as hot.

Now I am thinking I want to do it once a week. I think it gets all the toxins out and really sweat, cause lord knows you do. And maybe also ad a regular ashtanga workout one other day a week.

I wish I had a picture of me to show you, but I felt a little silly taking a photo at class!

I know I know...

I have been a bad blogger. Eh.. oh well

Let's see, workouts..
Thursday: Hot Yoga! (I need to do a post about this, I almost passed OUT! But I am going back tonight.. can't admit defeat yet!)
Friday: Nada
Saturday: 6 mile run was planned, but wasn't feeling well all day
Sunday: 6 mile run with the DOG and G - time was not really calculated because we stopped a few time to walk, but I felt good and felt I could have run the whole thing
Monday: 3 Miles on the treadmill (I HATE the tread, but it was too late to go outside, no time because I don't trust those machines!)

I have seen this on a few blogs I read and thought I would participate. Enjoy!

A. Age: 28
B. Bed size: King - I will NEVER go back.. it's heaven
C. Chore you dislike: going to the grocery
D. Dogs: Charlie Baxter- the bad dog, Yellow Lab
E. Essential start to your day: during the week, it's a shower... nothing really on the weekends
F. Favorite color:  blue! Even though my hubby will swear it's purple
G. Gold or silver:  silver
H. Height:  5’4
I. Instruments you play(ed):  I learned piano when I was younger.. but couldn't' really played if I tried
J. Job title: Graphic Designer - anyone need anything?!
K. Kids: Charlie :) 
L. Live: in a house on a street in a city! ha. If you've read for a bit, you may know
M. Mom’s name:  Peggy
N. Nicknames:  La, boogs, ummm...
O. Overnight hospital stays:  nope
P. Pet peeves:  ignorance and intolerance
Q. Quote from a movie: oh wow, there are so many..
R. Righty or lefty:  Right
S. Siblings:  Sister Sarah!
T. Time you wake up:  7am - during the week
U. Underwear: yes.. I like underwear
V. Vegetables you dont’ like:  brussel sprouts.
W. What makes you run late:  G! haha. or my inability to find something to wear
X. X-rays you’ve had:  Arm (I've had 5 broken arms), Nose (got hit with a softball), Foot (recently for some pain)
Y. Yummy food you make:  Family recipe spaghetti! Or Sweet potato fries. Or Salmon... We make some pretty good eats in our house
Z. Zoo animal favorites:  monkeys!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sassy! Ombre'!

Recent Workouts: 
Monday: 4 Miles/~40 min
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 5 Miles/~50 min (had a few breaks to walk)
I had to up my mileage this week. I was only supposed to do 3.5 on monday and tuesday, but I am supposed to run a 10K next weekend, and I am a little concerned that I have had enough longer runs. I felt pretty good tonight, so I am not to worried that I will be fine to up my mileage on Saturday too. I actually think I am going to adjust some of my runs as the training continues to make sure that I get enough quality long runs before the 1/2. 

I got a new haircut!!! And a new color to boot. It had been a while since I had my hair did, and it needed it. Since going darker with my color, my regrowth just looks terrible! My natural hair is sooo much lighter than my darker shade, so my regrowth look like I have gray hair!! YIKES!
So, when I went in last night, my lovely hair stylist, Holly, decided that we should go for the ombre look that is so popular right now. Stars like Drew Barrymore and Gisele are making it famous.
Basically, it's darker on top and lighter towards the bottom. Kind of like a highlight that has grown out. But instead of lightening the ends, we darkened my roots by 2 shades.
Now I realize, you can't really tell... and to be honest, I can't really tell in person unless I look really close. But I think I will like the effect. And I asked her to go SASSY on the cut... IPhone pics do NOT give my cute, sassy haircut any justice. I'll try to get a better pic soon.

And we've already decided to go lighter at the end of April, to get ready for my trip and spring!