Wednesday, February 25, 2009

stuff that will never be blogged

I have discovered there are some things that I just wont be able to blog about. Things that are on my mind, but might offend someone if I actually vented about them on my blog. In some ways, this slightly annoys me because this is MY blog, I should be able to talk about whatever I want. It should be my personal journal, where I am allowed to vent and say whats on my mind. But I am nicer than that, and just cant do it. So my running partner has become my "Off The Record" blog. haha.

Different subject
I get to go to Florida!!! YAY! I am so pumped. My mom and dad were planning to go down to our old vacation spot in Siesta Key (in Sarasota Fl) and invited G, myself and my sister along. It will be nice to get out of here for a few days and go to the best beach in the world. If you have never been down there, GO! The beach is amazing! It has the whitest and softest sand anywhere. And we are staying in old condo's where we used to stay when i was younger. Can. Not. Wait! Not until March 25 though... still got a month.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Its Finishd.. well sorta

So I finally got a chance to work on my bathroom again. I had gone out wednesday of last week and got paint. But I started with painting the trim, and by the time I finished with that it was way to late to start on the green. So yesterday I spent the majority of the day painting. And I think I am going to like it. There were a few mishaps along the way. 1. the guy at Home Depot told me to get acrylic paint for the trim.. well my trim has been done in an oil-based, so some of it peeled off when I took the blue tape off. 2. I had to go back to the home depot to buy ceiling paint. G made me do it! But it was probably better because i did need it later for touch up. 3. G thought that maybe it wouldnt go with the rest of the house.. but I think seeing the final product he has changed his mind. I am still looking for that "perfect" shower curtain. Hopefully I will be able to find something this week. But here is the finished product (so far).
My bathroom is tiny, so its kind of a hard picture to see.. but you get the idea of the color at least. G and I were so busy this weekend with cleaning and painting and what not, that we didnt really get to spend much time with our beloved "bad dog" Charlie. Poor guy was stuck downstairs alone for most of the day while I painted and G was out running errands. I looked down the stairs at one point to find him here...

Poor guy, he was waiting for his mama to finish and play with him. haha... Im such a nerd when it comes to this dog. So just for good measure, here he is being cute!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wedding productive

So yesterday, after I went on my rant about all the wedding bull$&!* I actually got some things accomplished. I called the priest, learned we have to go to an all day "Fundamentals of Marriage" class (at least its better than the weekend retreat). Called my cousin's wife to see if she would sing for the ceremony, she happily agreed. Called and left a message with the photographer that we really want. Called the band to get the contract that never came. And that was all at lunch!
Then, last night, mom and I went to Von Maur because she had seen a couple dresses there for herself for the wedding. And although we werent "wowed" by what she put on, at least its a start! And have you ever been into a Von Maur shoe clearance room?!?! Well if you havent, you need to go. They have so many awesome deals. For instance, found my wedding shoes!! for a wopping $16!!! Can you believe it. Look how cute they are!! I mean they aren't anything special, but they were $16! And I will probably only wear them for the ceremony anyway. One is a little dirty from sitting in the clearance room, so does anyone know how to clean satin?
Then we heard that Z Gallery was going out of business (actually just the southeast stores are closing), so since its right next to the VM, we went to check things out. And low and behold, I found my centerpieces.. I have totally changed gears from what I had originally planned with the clear cylinder vases, but these are so cute, and on sale!!
Now these vases, I actually got in a purple color (to go with my "plum" color) and in the two different sizes. I will put either one or 2 calla lily's in them. And may even get fake.

Then on the other half of the tables will be these. Just one per table, with tea lights or votives in them. Each table will also have a large charcoal colored fabric over the white table cloth. YAY Im soo excited. I have to call another Z Gallery up in Cincy to see if they have more of these two things, and may have to find one other thing to put on some tables if they dont have enough.

So much done yesterday!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feeling overwhelmed..

Have I told you how hard it is to plan a wedding? Do you know about all the little shit (excuse my french) that you have to think about? My list just keeps getting longer and longer. I cant seem to catch up, and nothing has been easy. Here is my list to date:
1. order bridesmaid dresses-- waiting on measurements
2. help mom pick out her dress
3. find shoes for myself and bridesmaid
4. get tux's
5. order flowers
6. book photographer- cant this be done already?
7. get the bachelorette party workin
8. book honeymoon flights
9. get centerpieces
10. confirm catering menu and rentals
11. call priest about next step
12. meet with church about what they do and dont do.
13. call singer for ceremony, book
14. follow up with band, never got contract
15. create logo
16. make/order invites
17. reserve hotel rooms
18. figure out rehearsal dinner location
19. get G's wedding ring
20. bridesmaid and groosmen gifts
.... and the list goes on. am i ever gonna get a hold on this stuff?

Bathroom saga continues

So.. I definitely went out and bought paint last night. I had this vision of a green bathroom, with a bold black and white shower curtain (does this sound familiar??? maybe my blog was inspiration). I went ahead and got some green bathroom paint, and trim. Its kind of hard to explain the green though. Kind of a dusty neon? does this make sense? I had to keep it light since the room is so small, but definitely wanted to jazz it up a bit. I basically just got the trim done and part of one wall (I just had to see the green). But, I am having a very hard time find a damask style shower curtain like I wanted.
I am kind of thinking that if I do something this bold with the shower curtain, it is really not going to match the rest of the house, so maybe I'll have to go with a softer, multi colored shower curtain. I found one at target I sort of like, but i need to see it in person to really determine (and also make sure it matches my paint color) ...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


On a lighter note... I want to paint our bathrooms.

G moved into our house April of 07. I moved in March of 08. It still needs decorating help. One place in particular are our 2 bathrooms. Both are a gray-ish white color, small and boring. All the other rooms in the house are painted OK, but these just need some help. One issue I have though is that they are REALLY small.. especially the one I use (yes we use separate bathrooms, trust me its better ;) ) So i can't go too dark with the colors. I was thinking a light green?? Any other good bathroom colors? I guess maybe I should find a shower curtain I like first and pick something from that? I don't know! I really don't know much about decorating and its obvious from our house! haha

Any suggestions welcome.

Note: shower curtains are not easy things to find.. i mean cute shower curtains. i have looked at a ton just this morning and I don't like any of them.. ugh. why am i so indecisive

Have you ever wondered...

what your life would be like if you had made different decisions? I often think about this question and contemplate what I would be doing if I had decided to go to a different college, chosen a different major, left the state, etc etc. In some ways, it kind of makes me think I am missing out on something. I read all the time about people from my grade school or even high school that are now living in LA, or DC or have gone on mission trips to Africa, its amazing. They all seemed like they have "lived"! Even G has lived in multiple cities and traveled to pretty much every state except Alaska. And me, the furthest I have lived from home was when I lived in Chicago for all of about 2 months. I loved the city, the vibrancy, but, it wasnt the right time to be there. And now I feel I have missed my chance to do that sort of stuff. I am kind of in the "settle down" mode. I dunno, its all a strange thing. Don't get me wrong, there are things I am glad I found, G for one. I guess maybe one day it will be the right time.. and maybe we will live someplace tropical. I just don't want regrets about this kind of stuff.

Monday, February 16, 2009


(note: its a slow work day)

I have obviously been collecting many different inspirations for every part of my wedding. On particular being for invitations and logos. I have said a few times before I am designing my own, but I just found the most amazing letterpress ever...

I WANT I WANT I WANT!!! How can i get this same look for half the price? I love the embossing and the simple design, yet totally unique. UGH! LOVE IT.

This one I saw in a magazine and definitely tore it out.

Why I am running

Some of you may know already, but I am training to run a mini marathon (13.1 miles). I have never done anything like this in my entire life (except 1 5K in the summer of 07 when I lived in chicago), and to be honest a little scared. I started about 6 weeks ago on the Fleet Feet training schedule. And as of yesterday I ran 7 miles!!! I have never run 7 miles, ever. It was soo hard, and I hope that I am able to keep up my stamina to continue to run more (mentally I can, I just hope my body holds out... i need new insoles for my shoes!). I am actually running a series of 3 races (Triple Crown) before the mini. A 5K, 10K and 10 Miler, first race is March 7. Charlie dog and I will be out running 5 miles today... I hurt though.
Part of the reason I am doing this is for myself, obviously. To prove to myself that I can accomplish something like this. Also, to get my body into shape for my wedding dress. I am running 5 days a week, I hope to god its paying off. Another reason is for my father. He used to run all the time. Completed 30 some-odd mini marathons. He has had a knee replacement and hip replacement because of the running and had to quit after having those operations. So I am running for him. And a little thing called cancer. To prove that if I can work hard to make my goal happen, he can work hard to fight cancer and to live healthy.

weekend fun.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine wasnt to bad. Went to Lex on Friday, always interesting but a good time (I'll upload pics later if I remember). G and I definitely werent feelin' it on Saturday, and ended up sleeping most of the day. We were going to make this big romantic dinner together Saturday night, but our original plan of lobster ravioli looked to be too daunting of a task, so we ended up just going to whole foods to get some of their awesome stuff. I made salmon stuffed with spinach and feta (just baked it, it was already put together), sauteed green beans and homemade mashed potatoes... but after sitting down to eat it, we decided we really didnt want it. So we wrapped it in plastic and put it in the fridge. I was asleep that night by 11!Yesterday I did go to see "He's just not that into you" for my cousins birthday. Its a cute film. Not going to win any award. But I love Kevin Connolly and I thought the rest of the cast was good too.. I dont however really like Scarlett Johansson.. she kind of drives me nuts, I think its her lips.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Early Happy V-day

Since tomorrow I probably wont send about a blog, I wish to say Happy Valentine's Day to all. I do think it is a little corny, but none the less, everyone should feel loved.

But I do have a quick story. So my dad has been in the hospital right? Well, he finally got out this week, YAY! However, since he had his surgery he can no longer drive because his vision is now impaired on the left side. Basically he doesn't have much of a peripheral to the left. So, he wanted to do something for my mother for Valentine's Day (since she has been so wonderful through out the whole thing) and I was summoned to help. First I ordered the flowers for him, which he does every year. Then he said he also needed a card. At the time he asked this, he was still in the hospital, so I said I would pick out a card for him to give to her. He told me he wanted a mushy card (by the way, dad has been a little emotional ever since the surgery), which is a little unlike him, but I agreed. I finally got to the card shop last night.. and its HARD to pick out a card for your dad to give your mother. I mean I didnt know what he wanted it to say! And I dont' like those real long winded cards that go on forever, so I was trying to avoid those, but keep it sweet and to the point. I would have done a whole lot better picking out some witty card with a joke. I hope he likes the card I got him to give her... cause it was a tough task.

I'm with the DJ

Does any one else feel like the weeks are just dragging by?! Maybe its a good thing since I feel that I have so much to do this year with the wedding planning and all, but fridays don't seem to come fast enough.

Tonight though, the fiance (G) and I are headed down to Lex Vegas ( Lexington KY). He has been a DJ for over 10 years (probably closer to 12) and so tonight he is playing at Lower 48 in Lex. We are going to leave about 6 tonight, it only takes an hour, then check into our hotel, which by the way I got for $50! It was originally $130... I love priceline. After checking into our hotel, we are off to eat, what i consider the best Mexican food ever, Rincon! They have awesome margaritas. YAY! Cant wait. G doesn't play until like 12:30, so I hope I can be entertained till then... it might be a long night. And then tomorrow is V-day...

I kind of think V-day is a ridiculous holiday... but G and I are going to have a relaxing day together. Hell, we will probably be hung over from tonight! But we have decided we are just going to make a really awesome dinner. We even got the recipe to the most amazing short ribs on the planet... I hope we arent too late in marinating. It will be nice just to hang out since things have been a little crazy since the beginning of the year.

Happy Friday the 13th to all!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothing but random

Today's post has no real theme, just a bunch of random thoughts or occurrences.

This morning I woke up and remembered I had a very crazy dream. For one thing, I lived in Brad Pitts house. It was huge.. i remember calling my mom and telling her it had like 50 rooms. But me and a bunch of other people were all in one big room that had a bunch of beds. And there was this really tall guy there, and he was stuck up in the attic (it was still a bed room) with a bunch of younger kids, so he found this other room down the hall that was abandoned and decided to hide out in there. I have no idea why we were at Brad Pitts house either. But he was still married to Angelina, and there is a possibility we were all adopted by them, or that he was trying to help us get into the movies, or both. Very strange. I also remember he looked old in the dream, lots of wrinkles, but still thinking he was hott.

Then this morning when I was letting my dog out to pee, I saw three cardinal birds flying around our driveway. My fiance seems to think this is good luck. Does anyone else believe in this superstition, or did he make it up? None the less, it made my day thinking that something awesome was going to happen.. so far, nada.

Also, in response to my post yesterday about shoes.. I had an idea last nigh of plum colored shoes to match my flowers. I am still going to decide what i want to do after i see the actual dress with the charcoal color, but it was a thought

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wedding shoes

I cant help myself today, but I must blog. haha.

I have come to discover, I dont like bridal shoes. I hate hate hate the dyeable ones... they are never attractive.. and really? dying your shoes, come on. I think I am also disliking because I am having a hard time deciding what kind of shoe I want. I am tryin to envision something with my dress.. and I cant come up with what it is. I think its gonna have to be some kind of d'orsay type shoe with an embellishment. I am going to be adding a charcoal sash at my reception, so they would need to go with that too. My dress is pretty white, so I dont think I could get away with a gold or silver shoe.. I think its gonna have to be white. Do you think they would mind if i walked down the aisle barefoot?!? Any thoughts or suggestions definitely welcome!!


I have to give a shout out to my Kentucky Wildcats today for an awesome performance in last nights game against the Florida Gators. It was a little scarey there at the end.. but we pulled out a great victory! I just love college basketball. There is so much excitement to it. So much more passion for the game. I hope that I get to go to a UK game this year at Rupp, now thats thrilling.

And by the way.. I am not a fan of these hot head players (e.g. Nick Calathes). Quit prancin' around like you own the joint. No one cares. Basketball is a team sport. If I wanted to cheer on just one person, I'd watch golf. Actually, Florida always seems to have one of these guys... last time it was Noah... UGH.. I'm glad he's gone. I will say that I dont think Kentucky has these type of players. They act more as a team, and we (the fans) love when the underdog gets to play and actually makes a shot.

So thats my rant.. GO CATS!

Sun City Carnival

I just bought my ticket for the Kenny Chesney Sun City Carnival in May!!! I am very excited about this. Its basically an all day concert, starting at 3pm and includes such acts as Kenny Chesney (obviously), Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Montgomery Gentry and Sugarland. Now let me just say, I am not a huge concert goer even though it seems that I am but I love Kenny and Sugarland! This is going to be an awesome day, I cant wait!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Anyone out there?!

From starting this blog, I have found that I have become a little obsessive about it. I constantly check to see if anyone has visited, and more importantly, if anyone has left a comment. haha. I really want people to read, so that I don't feel like I am just writing to no one. Each time I blog, I imagine someone reading it, so I guess I'll continue and hope for the best.

Today I am very sleepy. I can't sleep as it is, and I felt like I was awake on the hour last night because of some silly, but vivid, dream. And 7am comes way to early. I don't see how people can get up at 4 in the morning, go work out and then start their day.. it truly amazes me.

But the good news of the day is that dad gets to go home... or at least that's the plan. For those of you that don't know, he has been in the hospital since Jan. 4, originally diagnosed with pneumonia. We found out that dad has brain cancer in mid November, and he had surgery to remove most of the tumor and then started radiation. He came down with a cough during the month of December, and mom finally felt she had to take him to the ER. He was put on a ventilator the day after he was admitted to the hospital, and luckily came off that in few days. 5 rooms, 3 infections, and 1 round of rehab later, they feel that he is well enough to go home. We will find out today if the insurance will pay for the at home care... it would be way too much for my mother to do all on her own. Plus, he still needs some physical therapy, to get his strength back and his weight up.. he's lost over 30 lbs! The next step is chemo, and I am praying for a miracle that something good comes out of it. He just can't seem to get a break with any of it. Here is a picture of my sister, dad, me and the fiance from our wonderful trip to Italy in October.

UPDATE: I went to the hospital on my lunch break today to see dad (which I have pretty much done everyday he's been there) and to my suprise he had on the jacket that he is wearing in the above photo... coincidence?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bridesmaid dress! (DPD- double post day)

As I told you, one of my bridesmaids and I went out in search of bridesmaid dresses on Saturday. We first took the long journey out to Couture Closet in La Grange KY (the girl who helped us, by the way, was so great and helpful, even giving me another suggestion for my photographer) because they carried a brand that i wanted her to try on, Amsale. But after arriving ( I was late from my 6 mile run!!) we discovered that the dresses were going to be $290! I am sorry, that is just plain crazy to pay that much for a little piece of fabric. So off we went to another store in Middletown. There I had her try on a variety of dresses, hoping that at least one would come in my color. My friend, who is like 5'7" and 50 lbs ;), of course looks good in everything, and was completely sold on just about every dress she tried on. But... I think we have found it. It is a dress by my favorite bridal/bridesmaid designer Jim Hjelm. And it comes in my color. And I can get a discount. And I think it will look good on all of them. And it has pockets!

Who watches DWTS?

Apparently they semi announced the new line up for Dancing With The Stars for the upcoming season last night during commercials of Extreme Makeover, Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. Here's the list:

singer Jewel
Ty Murray -- who is Jewels husband
Chuck Wicks-- who dates pro dancer Julianne Hough
Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson -- the youngest star they've ever had, 17
pop star Belinda Carlisle
actress Denise Richards
former NFL star Lawrence Taylor
rapper Lil’ Kim
Jackass star Steve-O
Apple computer co-founder Steve Wozniak
actor David Alan Grier
actor Gilles Marini
Access Hollywood co-host Nancy O’Dell.

I must say, it sounds like its going to be a good season. And I must admit that I think my fiance likes this show more than I do! I dont know if I can make an early predicition who i think is going to win, but Chuck Wicks (who I have never heard of) might have a leg up since he dates his partner!

Season Premiere is Sunday March 9.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The weekend starts now..

Well I have a semi eventful weekend plan. Starting off with today. Today I am meeting with 2 different photographers to discuss my wedding. As I have probably mentioned, this is extremely tough because I am way to picky. I hope they can show me some awesome stuff, and give me an even awesome-er price!!

Tonight, I am off to the Toby Keith concert with my good friend Anne! I think Jack Ingram is going to be opening for him, so it should be a very good show! And in honor of the country concert tonight, I am wearing my cowboy boots! Arent they great!? Gavin's aunt gave them to me.

Then tomorrow morning, bright and early, I am off for my first 6 mile run EVER! yikes. It is supposed to be in the 50s tomorrow so it wont be as bad as running in the snow and ice like I did yesterday (that is nearly impossible). I hope that the route I am choosing isnt too bad.. we'll see. My friend Rebecca is going with, so I'm not alone in this task. By the way, if you are running and need to map out a route to find the milage, go to I refer everyone to this site because I think it is a wonderful feature.

After running is bridesmaid dress shopping! whoo hoo. Store opens at 10, me and my trusty bridesmaid will be there at 10:30. I hope we find something. I just want that to be done too. Acutally I want it all to be done. :)

But I think thats the extent of my weekend. More trips to the hospital to visit dad. Speaking of which, today is his last day of radiation!! YAY. Wish him luck, and please keep in your prayers.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wedding Woes Part 2

Let see.. where did I leave off yesterday.. oh yes, flowers. I guess going along the same theme of flowers is centerpieces. In all reality, I could care less about whats on the center of the table, it really seems like a waste of money to me. But then again, when I picture my reception, centerpieces are necessary to make it look beautiful. I am going to follow along with the calla lily idea and incorporate it into my centerpieces as well. My original idea was to have a tall clear vase and one calla, with some tea lights. But when I went looking for pictures, I think I'll have to go with more than one flower. (all fake of course).

Now let me just say, I do not like the feather (or whatever that is) in the first photo. Its merely for the shape of the glass and the 2 callas. Also, I have found a place to get the vases for cheap, but does any one know of a good place to get wholesale fake flowers??

Next, I said I picked out my cake. Actually, a friend of our family makes THE BEST Italian creme cake EVER!!! It is to-die-for. So I have asked her to make my 4 tier cake, and she happily agreed. But she doesn't decorate, so I am going to get my caterer to do it (hopefully), and this is what i want it to look like :

Isn't it beautiful!??!?!

I cant remember if I mentioned it or not, but I am also going to be designing my own logo, invitations, programs, place cards, etc for the wedding. I think maybe I have gone a little to far, but being a designer I just cant NOT create these things myself. I am going to have a tough time, I can already tell. But I need to get my butt moving on it. But I have definitely found some cute cute ideas from 2 sites and

Also, for invitation, I found some great inspiration from a site called (side note, have you been to this site!?!? Its awesome. Its a place to buy and sell any and everything handmade.. and in this case, wedding invitations!) But here are some that I think are amazing.

But I still need to put my own twist on it and incorporate my fabulous logo that I have yet to create!

Any thoughts are definitely welcome. And tell your friends about my blog!!
(another side note.. I am still learning about what I can and can't post on as far as images go, so just bear with me. And also what my layout looks like. I am sure i will change it often! :) )

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wedding Woes

As some of you may know, I am getting married in September. And let me just tell you, its a big ol' pain in the @$$!! Trying to coordinate everything for a 5 hour event is a little taxing. So far, I have reserved the ceremony location (well I have been penciled in, and wont know 100% until next week.. UGH!), reserved the reception location, found a caterer, found my band for the reception, asked a friend to do the cake and bought my dress.

Next on the list is getting a photographer that I love and can afford. I have found many that I like, most of which are out of my price range. I cannot believe how expensive it is to do this. But then again, I am very picky when it comes to the photographer. I come from an art background, so anything that isnt unique and creative I am not going to like. For instance, the whole black-and-white-with-colored-flowers picture is so ugly! People DO NOT DO THIS!!!! I mean seriously, that is your way of being "creative".. no.
So I am meeting with a couple different photographers in the next week. And I need to get a few more. (by the way, this beautiful bride is a friend from high school)
Other things that still need to be done: bridesmaid dresses (hopefully we will pick something out this weekend.) This is what we like so far, but it may be a little $$$
My color is this dark charcoal gray. You would not believe how hard it is to find this color. And I am only having 3 bridesmaids, so I was going to let them pick out there own style... but I am not sure if we will be able to find dresses in the same color and fabric but different styles that they will all like! AHHHH.

Next big thing will be flowers. I am not really sure how to go about picking out a florist. I know what I want though. We are just going to do flowers for myself, my bridesmaids, the groom and groomsmen, and ushers, parents, etc. No flowers for tables or church. And I am not having flower girls (or ring bearers) so I wont have to worry about that either. My whole inspiration for my flowers is the dark purple/plum-ish calla lily. Kind of like this...
I think I am going to have the bridesmaids carry these.. and I'll carry the white ones (with a little bit of green)
Thats all for now.. more to post later.
But feel free to leave suggestions and thoughts. I need help!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My good friend just called me and asked if I wanted to go see Toby Keith in concert on Friday night. The tickets just went on sale for 2 for $20!! I told her to go ahead and get the tickets and if I couldnt go, I'd find someone to go with her. I might not be able to go with her because we are supposed to be meeting with a photographer on Friday at 6pm. The photographer that happens to be my FAVORITE! for the wedding... so we'll see!!

Check out this AWESOME picture of Toby Keith!

First Day of My New Blog

Hello all, and welcome to my blog. I felt the need to start a blog because I think that I have a lot to talk about. But before I get into all that, let me introduce myself with a quick 25 facts about me (which may include topics that come up later).
1. I am 26 years old
2. I am engaged to the most wonderful person who puts up with every part of me
3. My wedding is Sept 25 (you will read much about my planning process)
4. I have a 1 year old, 100lb yellow lab, who gets into trouble, but slowly becoming a good dog.
5. I am a graphic designer
6. I am started my own company last year, and now trying to get new clients
7. I am a constant myspace, facebook and email checker
8. I am currently training for a mini marathon that is in April
9. My only sister lives in LA and i miss her.
10. I am considering a career change to nursing
11. I think I have the best family in the world
12. My father is currently going through treatments for brain cancer
13. I have always wanted to move away from home, did once, lasted 2 months.. still want to do it again, probably wont
14. My best friend has encouraged me to write this so she has something to read ;)
15. I love University of Kentucky basketball
16. I wish I had more time to create things.. photography, painting, etc.
17. I am a big fan of before/after reality shows.. right now its The Biggest Loser
18. Nothings better than a summer night on my back porch with my fiance, dog and a good bottle of wine
19. I think I am turning my fiance into a country music fan!
20. I could wear a white tshirt and jeans everyday and be fine
21. I have over 70 pairs of shoes.. all of which i wear
22. I LOVE school supplies, especially pens, the inky ones
23. I consider my self a very loyal and good friend, even though I may not be around a lot
24. I like making new foods, but could live off of potatoes everyday
25. I hope that I can continue to write this blog, even if its just for my own well being.