Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothing but random

Today's post has no real theme, just a bunch of random thoughts or occurrences.

This morning I woke up and remembered I had a very crazy dream. For one thing, I lived in Brad Pitts house. It was huge.. i remember calling my mom and telling her it had like 50 rooms. But me and a bunch of other people were all in one big room that had a bunch of beds. And there was this really tall guy there, and he was stuck up in the attic (it was still a bed room) with a bunch of younger kids, so he found this other room down the hall that was abandoned and decided to hide out in there. I have no idea why we were at Brad Pitts house either. But he was still married to Angelina, and there is a possibility we were all adopted by them, or that he was trying to help us get into the movies, or both. Very strange. I also remember he looked old in the dream, lots of wrinkles, but still thinking he was hott.

Then this morning when I was letting my dog out to pee, I saw three cardinal birds flying around our driveway. My fiance seems to think this is good luck. Does anyone else believe in this superstition, or did he make it up? None the less, it made my day thinking that something awesome was going to happen.. so far, nada.

Also, in response to my post yesterday about shoes.. I had an idea last nigh of plum colored shoes to match my flowers. I am still going to decide what i want to do after i see the actual dress with the charcoal color, but it was a thought

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  1. Celebrity dreams are fun...I once had a dream that I was in a summer camp of some sort and Jack Nicholson was the camp counselor...I went into his office in his little log cabin and he was busy loading guns, presumably to hunt us for sport...I asked Jack what he was doing and he said "It's OK, Billy, nothing to worry about" with that big grin on his face...then I woke up...I never found out if I made it out of camp alive!