Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have to give a shout out to my Kentucky Wildcats today for an awesome performance in last nights game against the Florida Gators. It was a little scarey there at the end.. but we pulled out a great victory! I just love college basketball. There is so much excitement to it. So much more passion for the game. I hope that I get to go to a UK game this year at Rupp, now thats thrilling.

And by the way.. I am not a fan of these hot head players (e.g. Nick Calathes). Quit prancin' around like you own the joint. No one cares. Basketball is a team sport. If I wanted to cheer on just one person, I'd watch golf. Actually, Florida always seems to have one of these guys... last time it was Noah... UGH.. I'm glad he's gone. I will say that I dont think Kentucky has these type of players. They act more as a team, and we (the fans) love when the underdog gets to play and actually makes a shot.

So thats my rant.. GO CATS!

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