Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feeling overwhelmed..

Have I told you how hard it is to plan a wedding? Do you know about all the little shit (excuse my french) that you have to think about? My list just keeps getting longer and longer. I cant seem to catch up, and nothing has been easy. Here is my list to date:
1. order bridesmaid dresses-- waiting on measurements
2. help mom pick out her dress
3. find shoes for myself and bridesmaid
4. get tux's
5. order flowers
6. book photographer- cant this be done already?
7. get the bachelorette party workin
8. book honeymoon flights
9. get centerpieces
10. confirm catering menu and rentals
11. call priest about next step
12. meet with church about what they do and dont do.
13. call singer for ceremony, book
14. follow up with band, never got contract
15. create logo
16. make/order invites
17. reserve hotel rooms
18. figure out rehearsal dinner location
19. get G's wedding ring
20. bridesmaid and groosmen gifts
.... and the list goes on. am i ever gonna get a hold on this stuff?

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