Monday, February 23, 2009

Its Finishd.. well sorta

So I finally got a chance to work on my bathroom again. I had gone out wednesday of last week and got paint. But I started with painting the trim, and by the time I finished with that it was way to late to start on the green. So yesterday I spent the majority of the day painting. And I think I am going to like it. There were a few mishaps along the way. 1. the guy at Home Depot told me to get acrylic paint for the trim.. well my trim has been done in an oil-based, so some of it peeled off when I took the blue tape off. 2. I had to go back to the home depot to buy ceiling paint. G made me do it! But it was probably better because i did need it later for touch up. 3. G thought that maybe it wouldnt go with the rest of the house.. but I think seeing the final product he has changed his mind. I am still looking for that "perfect" shower curtain. Hopefully I will be able to find something this week. But here is the finished product (so far).
My bathroom is tiny, so its kind of a hard picture to see.. but you get the idea of the color at least. G and I were so busy this weekend with cleaning and painting and what not, that we didnt really get to spend much time with our beloved "bad dog" Charlie. Poor guy was stuck downstairs alone for most of the day while I painted and G was out running errands. I looked down the stairs at one point to find him here...

Poor guy, he was waiting for his mama to finish and play with him. haha... Im such a nerd when it comes to this dog. So just for good measure, here he is being cute!

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