Friday, February 20, 2009

Wedding productive

So yesterday, after I went on my rant about all the wedding bull$&!* I actually got some things accomplished. I called the priest, learned we have to go to an all day "Fundamentals of Marriage" class (at least its better than the weekend retreat). Called my cousin's wife to see if she would sing for the ceremony, she happily agreed. Called and left a message with the photographer that we really want. Called the band to get the contract that never came. And that was all at lunch!
Then, last night, mom and I went to Von Maur because she had seen a couple dresses there for herself for the wedding. And although we werent "wowed" by what she put on, at least its a start! And have you ever been into a Von Maur shoe clearance room?!?! Well if you havent, you need to go. They have so many awesome deals. For instance, found my wedding shoes!! for a wopping $16!!! Can you believe it. Look how cute they are!! I mean they aren't anything special, but they were $16! And I will probably only wear them for the ceremony anyway. One is a little dirty from sitting in the clearance room, so does anyone know how to clean satin?
Then we heard that Z Gallery was going out of business (actually just the southeast stores are closing), so since its right next to the VM, we went to check things out. And low and behold, I found my centerpieces.. I have totally changed gears from what I had originally planned with the clear cylinder vases, but these are so cute, and on sale!!
Now these vases, I actually got in a purple color (to go with my "plum" color) and in the two different sizes. I will put either one or 2 calla lily's in them. And may even get fake.

Then on the other half of the tables will be these. Just one per table, with tea lights or votives in them. Each table will also have a large charcoal colored fabric over the white table cloth. YAY Im soo excited. I have to call another Z Gallery up in Cincy to see if they have more of these two things, and may have to find one other thing to put on some tables if they dont have enough.

So much done yesterday!

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  1. Way to go Lauren!!! You forgot to mention how great your sales lady was at the VM!!!! Call the z gallery in Tampa at the International mall if you dont have any luck with Cinci pat and sonny can bring them home. You may even want to call in a heroic for me!!! I will ask around about the cleaning process