Tuesday, March 31, 2009

wedding list update

So, I have been able to check off a bunch of stuff since my last post about the ever growing wedding list. We now have our photographer confirmed, ordered bridesmaid dresses, talked to florist, got the guys tuxes, etc. etc. But there is still a lot to do. Here is my list of March 31, 2009!

1. Find shoes for bridesmaids-- this can wait till the dresses come in
2. book our honeymoon flights to Antigua!
3. Confirm menu
4. Follow up again with band
5. Create Logo
6. Create invitations, reply cards, programs, place cards, etc
7. Reserve hotel rooms for out of town guests, and our suite for the wedding night
8. Rehearsal dinner location-- this is waiting till G's dad comes to town
9. Buy G's wedding band
10. Bridesmaid & Groomsmen gifts
11. Get my veil cleaned (to figure out if using)
12. Go to Fundamental's of Marriage class-- through church
13. Get some "thank you" cards
14. Register for gifts
15. Get passport!
16. Figure out music and readings for the ceremony
17. Shower outfits!
18. Get limo for day of.

I know there is plenty more.. but that is kind of the next step. Big thing is the invitation design. I want to do it myself, since its sort of what I do... but I cant seem to find the time or motivation to come up with something. And I know I am going to be so critical of what I do. UGH! Wedding Planning!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

flowers flowers flowers

This past weekend I went to meet the florist. And let me just say, I love the florist! I hope we get to use him because he will tell it like it is. And is even offering to take some of the vases off my hands after the reception! YIPPEE.
But I went in thinking I knew exactly what I wanted with the bouquets (this is pretty much the only flowers I am doing). I wanted the girls to carry the burgandy/plum colored calla lilly's and then i would carry the white ones. Well, my mind changed as soon as I got in there! I decided that I wanted other flowers to go along with them. And he suggested that I pull some lighter colors for the girls bouquets since there dresses are that charcoal color. Now I am confused. I dont know what I want. I think I have narrowed it down a little bit though. Here is a picture of what I think I want the girls flowers to look like:

But without the palm leaves on the bottom.
And then I think I want the white calla's and the white orchids in my bouquet, maybe something like this:
But without the roses. Although I think the roses look pretty here.
And the G will wear a white calla and the groomsmen will wear a plum calla...
I also like this bouquet for the girls.. what do you think?

But with less green and more of the callas....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our wedding website

G and I have made our wedding website..


We are very excited. Go check it out and sign our guestbook!

No self control

I have been trying to do so good at this eating healthy thing.. and then my stomach takes over! I think I am discovering that myself control is going down the drain!! This is not good 6 months before the wedding. I would love to be one of those people that can go hours without eating, and when do eat, make it a salad... but no, Im not. I feel I have to eat every 2 hours-- which could be related to the fact that I have been running so much.. and all the fitness people tell you to eat so often, but somehow I dont think devouring a whole small box of Cheesits is what they mean. I need to get some real good healthy snacks. For instance, grapes! Actually a trip to the grocery is needed anyway. I just dont think about snacks when I leave for work in the morning, therefore when my hunger hits at 9:30, I head to the walgreens and pick up something. I have done better about cutting out soda and drinking more water, so at least that is something right.
I wonder where Sour Patch Kids fall into a healthy diet??! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dog Kennels??

Next week, G and I are heading to Florida for a few days and we have one major issue, Charlie Baxter. In the past, we have asked people to come to our house and watch him, but after their stay is over, we dont talk to them for like months... we can only assume that he is just terrible with other people. Now, we know he is a bad dog with us, so its hard to ask someone to come watch our 100lb "bad dog" knowing he will probably jump on them, grab something off the counter, not get in his crate, etc. So I think G and I have decided to send him to the kennel for a few days. Has anyone else done this? We are just nervous and we kind of feel bad. But I am thinking it might be the best option for him.. and maybe he'll learn a few things. I dont know. I need some opinions. The place we would take him is very nice, I just hope he gets the attention he needs.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I am sooo pumped. We have a CONFIRMED photographer. If you have been reading, you know that this has been a big pain in my side. I was definitely picky when it came to a photographer since these are what is going to last from our BIG day!

So at long last, our confirmed photographer is Bella Grace Studios. We really love all the work that Josh at Bella Grace does, and he seems to be in tuned to Gavin and I's likes and dislikes. I cant wait to see how amazing these pictures are going to be. Check out his site at http://www.bellagracestudios.com/ He also takes pictures for Sophisticated Living magazine, so he has more than just a "wedding photographer" background


Oh, and all along, I have been saying that my colors are charcoal and plum, but I really think my color is more of an eggplant.


Let's see, what has been going on?!?

I guess a lot, considering I have fallen off the blog trail for a minute. So, a weekend review... last friday went to the 3rd annual Naked Ladies Party.... let me explain. haha. This is a party where you get all your friends, acquaintances, co-workers, etc together, and everyone brings clothes, shoes, accessories, housewares, etc that they dont use or need any more, then everyone kind of swaps items. Things that are not taken, then go to a charity like Maryhurst or Goodwill or something in the like. Its a lot of fun and gives you a chance to clean out your closet and house. I always bring stuff and never really take anything home. I find that if I do take something home, I usually bring it back the next time. Then Saturday, I got up and ran 10 miles!! with my 2 friends. It was cold and rainy that morning, but we got it in and now I am feeling way more confident to run the mini in just over a month. After the run, it was St. Patrick's Day Parade time!! This is probably one of the most fun events in Louisville all year (not coming close to Derby time, but still a blast). The parade started at 3, but we got down there around 2 or so, drank some green beer, watched the floats pass by, then continued on to drink more! You always see a ton of people you know, and my father and his friends are always fun to hang out with too. So, needless to say, sunday was less than productive.

On a wedding note:
I finally got all my girls to order their dresses last week (which reminds me, I need to double check that they actually got ordered!) Which I am very excited about. One more thing to check off my list. I desperately have to get my florist this week!!! AGH. There is just too much to do. My main problem is, I am training for this mini marathon, and so after work, I usually run. I dont know what time these florists stay open till, but it cant be too late right!? Maybe I should just call and actually figure it out.

I am sure there is more to say, but I am not really awake right now.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Awesome site!

I found this totally awesome site for all things paper and do it yourself.


her links are fabulous too. I will definitely be using this site when I quit procrastinating and actually make our logo and invitations! I am getting excited about it though.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My mother and I were in Dillards home department the other day. So I started looking at the different china patterns.. and man! I am going to have a tough time deciding what kind of china to register for. I loved them all.. especially the Kate Spade and Vera Wang collections.. so cute! I know some people my age dont want nice china, because they think they'll never use it. But I want nice china for those special occassions. I would post pictures, but i cant get them off the website! UGH. But I also have found some really awesome flatware. These days I am totally in to all things fleur de lis. And there is a local store called Work the Metal that has some very cute fleur stuff, including flatware. I couldnt find a picture of it exactly, but i found another set that is pretty fabulous too..
They also carry a bunch of fleur de lis stemware that I want (and hope I get).
Terrible picture, but you get the idea.

Monday, March 9, 2009

It starts today..

As you know, I have been running a lot lately. I mean up to 5 times a week. And actually, finished the first leg of the Triple Crown of Racing, the Anthem 5K just this past Saturday. I am very happy with my time of 31:12. The next portion of the Triple Crown is a 10K in 2 weeks, which I think I will be prepared for. But in doing all this running, I have not seen any differences in my body. It's sort of frustrating. While I am running for just the sense of accomplishment and a nice goal to set, there is also a big part that wants to look better too. I thought with running this much, my clothes would fit better, and lose a few pounds, but no, not really. So, today starts the diet. I really hate dieting. I understand the principles behind it, but I really just want to eat my fried chicken, potatoes and have a real coke (maybe this is my ultimate problem!!). Why cant it be easy? So now its 1400 calories a day; good healthy food; no sodas or juice, just water; limit portions, etc etc etc. I am going to write everything down to keep track of what I am doing. Hopefully this will actually do something. I will give it a few weeks and see how I do, and if there is a difference, then I will try my hardest to maintain until the wedding day (and beyond!?)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Swim season is almost here

This morning, I was going through this huge stack of mail that needed to be sorted out. We get so much junk mail, and also mail for people that dont even live in the house any more. And a lot of the the time, the junk doesnt get put in the garbage right away, hence why I was going through it. But in my sorting, I realized I had a Victoria's Secret swim catalog! So I brought it to work with me this morning to look through. There are sooo many cute suits in there. Most of the time, I am not that impressed with their swim suits because they always seem a little trashy, or something. But this year, totally adorable! I want about 20 different ones. Here are some cute ones I found.

Monday, March 2, 2009

weekend review

Let's see...

I haven't blogged in a while, because to be frank, there hasn't been much to say! haha. Things are going pretty smoothly and we have been staying semi busy. G finally talked to the photographer last week and we are working out the details to make sure everything is a go for our wedding date. Friday night, we ended up taking fish over to my parents house for dinner since it is lent. Dad had done his 5 days of chemo last week, and really shouldn't have been out in a public setting since his immune system is down, so G and I went to our church fish fry and got some sandwiches. We ended up going home relatively early and buying a movie off On Demand. I made G watch "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" Has anyone else seen this?! It's actually pretty good. Although, Scarlett Johannson gets on my nerves (I think I have expressed this feeling before).
Saturday we went to look at tux's for the wedding. I had no idea there were sooo many choices!! I mean, who knew?!?! I originally wanted the groomsmen to wear a charcoal vest and bow tie to match the girls dresses, but I didn't really like the swatches that were in the charcoal color. So for right now, they are going to be in black. And then I originally wanted G to be in black to be different from the groomsmen, but since the charcoal didn't work out, he is gong to wear a white vest and white bow tie. I haven't completely decided on this look, and am going to take the bridesmaid dress in to match once it comes in. I just cant see the whole look in my head. Then i am also concerned that the guys are going to look way more formal than the girls, since the girls dresses are cocktail length!! AH I just don't know!!! But they will look sort of like this.. but not gray.
And by the way, tuxedo vests can be the ugliest things I have ever seen. The patterns in the fabric are atrocious. I am going to have plain vests (and ties) that have a slight sheen to them and that's it!

So that was the sum of the weekend. Oh, and I ran 9 miles on Saturday!!! I am almost ready for the mini marathon. The first race of the triple crown is this Saturday. It is only a 5K, but I hope that I have a good time for it. My running partner and I have been doing very well with our training. And the last time I ran 3 miles, I did it in 31:18.. so I think that is pretty good!! Wish me luck! Today is going to be a cooooold run, considering its only like 24 degrees outside. Oh well, at least the big dog (charlie) will get to go.

Have a good day!!
PS. This took me about 5 hours to finish!