Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm a Mini Marathoner!!

Its official. I completed the Derby Festival Mini Marathon this year, for the first time. What a sense of accomplishment. I must say, I am very proud of myself. Been training since January for this race, so its a little bitter sweet that its over. My partner and I finished in 2:23. I am so happy that we finished in under 2:30. It was so hot that day, that we definitely had to walk a few times. And the water stops didn't seem to come fast enough. I am ready to do my next one now. Besides one bruised toenail, I felt pretty good, didn't pass out, didn't get sick. Finished!

Here are some stats:
Logged 266.9 miles since January

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Tomorrow night I am throwing my first annual Spaghetti Party! My parents used to do this all the time when we were little in preparation for the Derby Mini Marathon that was always the next morning. My father used to run a lot, and actually has completed some 13 (or 17, cant remember exactly) mini marathons and 2 full marathons and therefore my mom would cook the famous family recipe for all of the runners and families. I have been training this year to run in my first ever mini (13.1 miles) and in honor, I am throwing myself a spaghetti party, to load up on carbs before the big race.

I never realized how much time actually went into preparation for such a small gathering (like 15 people). I made the sauce 2 nights ago. I have to make the homemade meatballs and the spaghetti tonight. Plus, get stuff for a salad, drinks and plates! And needless to say, the house needs some major cleaning before we even think to have people over. UGH. So I have much to do tonight. And somewhere along the line, I need to go run 3 miles. I hope I can get everything done.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mario Kart

So, yesterday was G's birthday. He turned the big 33!! And for Xmas my parents gave us a Wii. We have not really played the Wii much since receiving it since dad was in the hospital for much of the first part of the year. But none the less, many people have told us that we need to get the game Mario Kart. My best friend, in particular, says that she plays Mario Kart every day with her husband at night before going to bed. So, for G's birthday, I decided to get it and oh my! is it fun!!! We played before dinner last night, then after we got home from dinner (even had a friend over to play-- that sounds like I am 12) and then played today while I was on lunch. lol. Currently we are addicted. I dont know how long it will last. I am still trying to get my barings on the whole wheel thing, but I'm learning. A this point, I come in last about 70% of the time, haha. But it is still soooo fun! I recommend to anyone that has a Wii!

Friday, April 17, 2009

all sorts of complaints

I do not feel good today. Probably at 80% of my normal self. Its not horrible, its just not good. For one thing, I feel like I am constantly dizzy, or car sick (I think my equlibrium is off). I have had issues with this for a while now, but usually it comes about after I read... but in the past week its felt constant. Then my stomach hasnt been agreeing with me for the past few days, either. I would have blamed it on something I hate, but for 3 days?! So now, it feels like its tied up in knots. Not to mention the fact that I am just tired. I dont sleep well as it is. I think I need to go on ambien. Actually, a trip to the physician is probably what I need to do, but I really just want to go home and go back to bed. UGH. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I think I broke a bone in my foot. I can still walk on it, but it hurts. No way to stretch it out.. just hurts. I doubt I broke anything, but I dont know what else it could be.. I hope it heals cause I have running to do!

And to make this all worse, I have so much to do this weekend. Bachelorette party tonight, run in the morning, Thunder over Louisville tomorrow/night, possbily another bachelorette party, then a wedding shower sunday, and I have to make spaghetti sauce for my party next friday.. and somewhere in that mess find G a birthday gift (his b-day is monday). I just want to sleep.

One a weird side note... what the hell is twitter? and why do i want to be on it? and what do you do when you get there? I dont understand

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Invitation wording..

I am starting to work on my invitations FINALLY. And one of the main issues I have come across (besides all the design and cost stuff) is the wording. If we had a traditional circumstance, this would be easy, but G's family isn't traditional (sorry, but mine is, mom and dad, still married, still alive). G's parents were divorced when he was little and both remarried. But his mother passed away several years ago. We want to include everyone on the invite, I just dont know how to word it. And you just can't look this stuff up for these special circumstances. So this is what I have.. let me know if its correct.. or if something should be changed

Mr. & Mrs. David C.
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Lauren Burke C.
Gavin Patrick R.
so of the late Ms. Mary Ann F. & Mr. Edward F.
and Dr. Leo R. & Ms. Cheri R.
on the 25th day of September, 2009
at seven o'clock in the evening

(I am leaving out last names for privacy.)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Coolest thing I have seen all day.

I totally had forgotten about a blog I like to read But a friend of mine had asked about any design inspiration sites since he is also working on wedding invitations for his own nuptials, and I gave remembered how much I loved this blog. I am kind of a font nut. I love fonts, and all the different kinds, and how each one can make you feel something different. I am notorious for going through my entire font library every time I am designing something new. In any case, I occasionally use a site called to help figure out what a particular type face is if I dont know. Well, I just found out they have an app for the IPhone! I am super pumped about this. That way, when I am out and I see a typeface I like, I can take a picture of it, and find out what the font type is.. oh happy day!!

I know, I know, I am a nerd!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I finally have a draft of our logo. I have loved so many different ideas that I was having a hard time choosing what style I wanted to go with. But I happen to have looked through an old font type book that my work had and found an awesome R. So I scanned it and redrew it and then added our other initials. G really likes it too! I just need to clean it up a bit and make sure that I like the font face for the L and G. Let me know what you think. I am feeling a little relieved to have an idea that I like. And I think the flourishes go along with the calla lilly theme we are going with. Need some feedback though..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just have to share.. haha

So yesterday, I found two bug bites on the back of my neck. It is totally NOT bug bite season yet. And also considering, I spend the majority of my days inside, I have no idea where these came from. But they have grown!!! They are huge. And I have developed another one on my face. Who gets bites when its freakin 40 degrees outside? Who gets them on their face for that matter? And the ones on my neck are really deep so there is a bulge on my neck too. Check out these pictures..


Dad had surgery on monday. They cleaned out the infection that had developed in his scalp area, and also, took out the part of the skull that had been infected too. They did not go in and work on the tumor at all because they didnt want to get the bacteria from the infection into the brain. So he will now be on antibiotics for 6-8 weeks to get rid of the infection and then we can go from there. They talked about doing something called Stereotactic Radiation Therapy/Surgery. I dont know when/if that will happen. But the surgery went really well, and we are pleased at this point. He will hopefully be out of the ICU today. (Actually just got a text saying he just did 2 laps around the nurses desk!) He's probably the only guy in ICU thats walking around. And maybe home by this weekend. I always feel better when I see him and talk to the doctors. Love my mom but sometimes its hard to get news from her. Hopefully all of this will pay off, and some progress is in our future.

Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm mad today..

Nothing seems to be going right.

I wrote last week that my father was going back in for a CAT scan because he had been having headaches. Well we decided to keep in the hospital over night just to make sure everything was OK and so he could see the doctors first thing in the morning. The CAT scan had determined that the tumor had grown, but we did another MRI on friday to get a more accurate reading. We then decided it that we would talk to the doctors this week about the next step.

Well last night, my father, again, had a headache he couldnt get rid of. And when my mom looked at his head at 7 am, he was starting to develop some kind of growth on his head, near his scar. So she took him to the neurosurgeon's office. They did, yet another, MRI to decide what had changed since friday. (did I tell you, we dont like MRI's?! They have yet to give us good news). And now, he has an infection in the part of the brain where the tumor is, and to make it worse, it has spread to the bone. So, he is undergoing another brain surgery tomorrow to remove the bone and to work on the tumor as well. Hopefully they will be able to put these chemo wafers in that they were unable to put in the first time.

I am extremely mad, upset, lost, numb, whatever today. I dont know what to do. There is nothing I can do. He doesnt deserve this. He couldnt have lived a healthier life. Why do bad things happen to good people. I am trying to have faith right now. Faith in what? I dont know. Life, Humanity, karma. something. I even went to church yesterday on my own accord, and tried to really get something out of it. maybe its not for me. But I need something. I need help. He needs help. This all doesnt make sense. Cancer sucks.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Powerful Mind

On a heavy note today... since its my blog, I need to vent...

I guess its known by now that my father has cancer of the brain. We found out when we returned from our 2 week trip to Italy. It is a very serious form of brain cancer, and he was in the hospital for the good part of the first of the year with other side effects, including pneumonia. He finally was released from the hospital and doing much better, even went through one round of chemo with out any complications.
Yesterday, I started having really "bad thoughts" (I am quoting this because I dont know how else to put it). Thoughts about what will eventually happen, and when, and how, etc etc. These are not good thoughts to be having. They come out of no where and I cant stop them. I guess its all reality, but I need to be having a more positive stance in my own head. I do feel that he is going to make it through all of this, that he will be the miracle. He is a strong man, always been healthy, he can do anything! (he's my dad, of course!) But those creepy, crawly thoughts keep coming back. And to make it all worse, everytime these "thoughts" arrive, something goes wrong. Like, I had bad thoughts yesterday and then today, he wakes up with a horrible headache, and he's been throwing up all night. UGH. I mean, he did start his second round of chemo yesterday, so I am sure that is what is causing all this... but now today he has to get a CAT scan! I know my "thoughts" dont make anything happen.. but man does it seem powerful.

I just cant fathom how any of this fair? I am mad, upset, lost, confused. I just want to be hopeful.

I am having a bad day.

Here is a picture of the gang from St. Patty's Day parade this year. My dad is in the back second from left... isnt he cute!!!??