Friday, February 6, 2009

The weekend starts now..

Well I have a semi eventful weekend plan. Starting off with today. Today I am meeting with 2 different photographers to discuss my wedding. As I have probably mentioned, this is extremely tough because I am way to picky. I hope they can show me some awesome stuff, and give me an even awesome-er price!!

Tonight, I am off to the Toby Keith concert with my good friend Anne! I think Jack Ingram is going to be opening for him, so it should be a very good show! And in honor of the country concert tonight, I am wearing my cowboy boots! Arent they great!? Gavin's aunt gave them to me.

Then tomorrow morning, bright and early, I am off for my first 6 mile run EVER! yikes. It is supposed to be in the 50s tomorrow so it wont be as bad as running in the snow and ice like I did yesterday (that is nearly impossible). I hope that the route I am choosing isnt too bad.. we'll see. My friend Rebecca is going with, so I'm not alone in this task. By the way, if you are running and need to map out a route to find the milage, go to I refer everyone to this site because I think it is a wonderful feature.

After running is bridesmaid dress shopping! whoo hoo. Store opens at 10, me and my trusty bridesmaid will be there at 10:30. I hope we find something. I just want that to be done too. Acutally I want it all to be done. :)

But I think thats the extent of my weekend. More trips to the hospital to visit dad. Speaking of which, today is his last day of radiation!! YAY. Wish him luck, and please keep in your prayers.

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