Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weigh-in Wednesday 2

I almost forgot to do my post!! Not that it's anything special, but just trying to keep it up. 

I am starting to get confused about the numbers from week to week. I can't remember exactly where I am. But I am down a total of 7.6 from my start weight. I am not to discouraged that I am not more down from last week because I kind of got off the wagon this past weekend with WW and keeping points. I think I already explained it in my post on monday. But I am back on it and doing well.

I am starting to make more "every-day" healthy decisions. Trying to remember my ultimate goal and making good choices. I have had to force myself a few times to do the workouts, but defintiely feel better after I do them.

I can see changes... well at least I think I see them. Time will tell when I take measurements in 2 weeks. I have over half way done with the BBL and totally curious to see the difference at the end.

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