Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm BACK!!

Wow it's been a long time. I hadn't really realized that I had not done a post since the beginning of September. I sort of thought it was like a week before I left... oops! Oh well. I am back.
Are you still there?

For a little recap:
We finished the 1/2 marathon in beautiful Maui Hawaii. Starting at 5:30 AM, we heading out along the coast line. Running 6.5 one way, and then turning around and running the same trek back. All in all, an OK run. The weather was pretty nice. A little sticky, but nothing compared to what we ran this summer. The course was flat, which is good, but a downhill is always nice. We ran the majority of the time. Stopping mostly to take pictures, drink water, and rest the legs (and one potty break for G). We ended up finishing about 2 min shy of the race we did in April. I am OK with that, although I had wished to improve on our time. But for our sake, we were a bit injured and not knowing the course throws me off. Here are some images.
start of race
having fun running
almost half way
views from the run
quick photo break
our final time
hot, sweat and DONE

So now I am in the process of deciding what I want to do next in my running career. I have basically not ran since the race almost 2 weeks ago. I know I would like to keep running in my exercise routine, but I have to figure out where it fits in. I would love to get faster, and break the 10 min mile that I seem to keep. I am just not sure how to do it. And I am deciding whether to do the April 1/2 again here at home. I like racing but training can be draining... decisions decisions.

Other decisions include the rest of my work out routine. I do really well with "time frame" workouts.. Meaning, P90X was 90 days or training was 16 weeks. I like the start and finish of it all. But it leaves me lost when the time is over. I am currently not a member of a gym since it keeps me away from home and my hubby isnt really a gym goer. I may do the 30 Day Shred again or may start P90X again. But I would really love to get into a routine where I can keep it up long past 90 days (or whatever). A few years ago I belonged to the YMCA. And it was great, I would go there after work and spend about an hour doing various things, either classes (hello body pump!) or free weights and treadmills, or even yoga. There was just so much at my disposal. And I also parked in the lot for work across the street which made it VERY convenient. But now I struggle. Tips are welcomed.

So those are 2 things on my mind. I have PLENTY more and hopefully will be able to take my blog into a more entertaining and constant realm. I am inspired by the blogs I read and I hope to inspire others from mine.

More to come in the following days about where I am wanting to take my bloggy!!

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