Friday, October 15, 2010

New Bedroom!!!

 G and I have decided we are in desperate need of a new bed. Well, this decision was made quite a while ago when our current bed frame warped (from being CHEAP! and not put together correctly ....). So probably a year ago, we ended up putting our mattress and boxsprings on the floor, with the CHEAP bedframe around it (so it wasn't totally ghetto ;) )

And well, that only is OK for a while. So we have talked about needing an actual bed frame for a long time. And most recently we got a new Tempurpedic mattress. G is totally sold on this concept, me? I haven't slept any better, but it's what he likes. So now, we are using a regular box spring (because our stairwell wouldnt allow us to get the Tempurpedic boxspring up the stairs, way too narrow - and did you know the Tempurpedic boxspring is just like plywood?! crazy!) with our tempurpedic mattress, that is all on the floor.

Last weekend, we went out on our first official furniture shopping day.. Oh, let me also say that, basically everything in our house was either a hand-me-down, furniture from college, used furniture from friends (or craigslist purchase) or nice pieces my grandfather made. We have not really bought any NEW furniture for ourselves (well minus the bookcases I just bought from Crate & Barrel). This was/is going to be our first BIG purchase. We originally thought we wanted a nice solid wood, platform bed (for our tempurpedic). I figured that if I was going to buy a bed, I didn't want to by junk, but have a nice piece of furniture (and actually get side tables and dressers to go with it).

But then today, I came across this from West Elm!!!

upholstered bed
And I just love it! And I even love the paint colors on the walls. I am completely inspired, and hope that this is what we get. I sent the pics to G and he really liked it too. And while its not wood, I think the gray color will leave us wide open to lots of different options in the future.

I also found a ton more on West Elm that I'd really like to have as well... shopping spree anyone?

Do you love it!?

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