Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Just a quick post about Halloween.
G and I live on a street that goes all out for Halloween. Each yard is completely different and the decorating starts Oct 1st. We get tons of people walking up and down our street the entire month just to check out the yards. On Halloween night we get around 3000 kids trick-or-treating (this is not an exaggeration, we have counted). Needless to say, each kid gets ONE piece of candy from us, no handfuls. We ran out of candy at 8:45 this year, we started at 5. And there were still kids coming.

But here is our yard this year!!! The Haunted Luau!!!
I wanted it to be a little "scarier" but it gets expensive. G and I made the tiki's ourselves. He fabricated the form out of plywood and aluminum heating ducts and then I painted each one. I think they turned out great. Our yard looked really good when it was dark and our red lights were on and the tiki torches were lit.

And to go along with our yard, I was a hula girl and G (whom I don't have a pic of was a tourist with a "pig roast" on his head). I think we really made our yard.

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