Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

1. I want to figure out my next steps with running. I thoroughly enjoy running races, but I can't say that I truly enjoy running. If I have a goal, then I am all about following the schedule to complete the task. But I just can't wrap my head around running to just run. And I have to admit, I am little jealous of all these running blogs I read where these wonderful women are out running full marathons! I guess I just wish I enjoyed it more. I am definitely not a runner. It's frustrating.

2. Anyone work out at 6 am? I tried to get up early this morning and get my workout over with, so that I would have more time in the evening to get all this stuff done.. yeah..... that didn't happen. I just feel like I have a ton of stuff to do lately, and having to take an hour out of my already short evening just kind of sucks. While I like working out, most of the time, it is totally time consuming and sucks!

3. We are still looking for a bed. I was completely SOLD on the West Elm bed from my previous post. However, when speaking with my "all-knowing" mother, she kind of suggested I wouldn't like it in a few years, and would find it hard to match with things. So now, G kind of agrees and wants a wood bed. Searching for a good quality, solid wood bed is HARD! They all start to look the same. I found a few the other day for G to look at, but he is going to have to decide.

4. And on that note.. I am in a desperate need to decorate. I know I have talked about this before. But seriously. I get crate and barrel and pottery barn magazines. I am in complete awe of homes that have been complete gutted and redone to a modern, yet comfy flair. I am in love with all things west elm. But have NO idea what I am doing. I need someone to come in and just decorate for me. Make it look cool.

5. UGH! could I complain some more.?!?!?

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