Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My birthday is a week from today. Kind of weird that I am going to be 28. I remember when 28 seemed OLD! haha. Now, I still feel like I could go back to college! (well maybe not). And what is so crazy about this birthday is that I have nothing that I want. Usually I have at least one thing I am asking for, but this year, I dunno, nothing really comes to mind. I guess that's a good thing. Meaning, I am pretty content in everything I "have" right now. But it does become a little difficult when people ask, aka my mom! I guess what I want is just to see my friends and family.

I love birthdays. Doesnt matter if it is mine or not. I just love to celebrate them. One day out of the whole year, that is just for you. Your day. If I know it, I will try to do my best to make sure you have a wonderful day. If not on the exact day, at least celebrate it one day close. I just like that its a special day for you (or whoever). I think I like birthdays more than holidays.

This year we are having a bunch of friends over on Saturday night to hang out, grill some food, carve some pumpkins, maybe play some cornhole. I can't wait to see everyone and just have a relaxing night with our good friends.

I had a whole point to this blog post, and now it's kind of gone wonky. Just know birthdays are the best!!!

What do you ask for for your special day?

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