Monday, January 4, 2010

Training starts TODAY!

I have decided to train and run the Derby Mini Marathon again this year. And what makes it even better is that G has also decided he is going to train and run it!! I am so very proud of him because this is something he NEVER thought he would ever do!! We start our 4 month long training today with a whooping 2 MILES! WHOO HOO. haha. We have been doing a bit of running already, so this should be fairly easy, except for the fact that its 10 degrees outside. Oh well, to the treadmill I go!
And also, to keep up with my "resolutions" or "goals" for this year, there are a few certain things I want to start today.
1. No soda for the month of January. I figure if I can do it for a month, it will seriously help in lowering my overall intake of soda
2. No sweets! I have actually been pretty good about this for a while. I LOVE cookies, but refuse to buy them at the store, because I know they will be gone within a day.
3. More healthy snacks and meals (less processed).. Today I even brought a bag of almonds to work with me that I have had sitting in my cabinet for a while.
4. No trips to Walgreen's! I work about 3 doors down from the wal and sometimes it's really easy to go down there and get a soda or candy or whatever.. its all very tempting in there... so NO MORE TRIPS!
5. Eat at home for the entire month. This will not only help in cooking healthier meals and eating better, but it will SERIOUSLY help our financial situation. Do you know how much it costs to eat out all the time?!
6. START P90X! I realize I have been talking about this for a long time, but seriously, I bought the DVD's forever ago and have yet to start.. I need to get on it.

If anyone is in need of a half marathon training schedule for beginners, I have one!
Oh, and did I say I liked lists?


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  1. no eating out for a month, eh...BRILLIANT! I never thought of that. It's really hard in my profession to stay away from fast foods and meals to write off, lol. I am thinking about adapting your LIST to my own situation, I love it!