Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 3 Update

Another week down!

This wasn't our best week. While G and I completed all of our training this week for the mini marathon, we didnt do the best on the "diet". Monday, I had to go visit a client and didnt have time to go home and make lunch, so I ended up having to get something at the walgreens. UGH. Then, about mid week, G had to go to the store to get something, and I asked him to bring home some cookies (I LOVE me some cookies). On friday, we knew we were heading to a friends birthday party and would be eating out that night, but we sort of ran out of food last week and haven't been able to make it to the grocery, so friday for lunch we ate out. Saturday, we were going to go to the grocery after we ran some errands, but after stopping for lunch at Calistoga, we ended up just going home... mistake! Then Saturday night, we met friends for pizza. And to top off the entire "bad" weekend, we ended up ordering wings for lunch yesterday and eating left over pizza last night. Not good. We are planning on going to the grocery tonight. We have to get back on schedule. We only have one more week left!!!

But like I said, we did finish all of our runs, even the 5 miler on saturday!! I was very proud of G. He has never really run that far, and he did it!! So the training continues. I mentioned last week that I am starting to do the P90X on my short run days or days I have off. So, last week I did 3 videos - Cardio X, Arms & Shoulders (with Ab Ripper X) and Core Synergistics. They were all pretty challenging, but I am also doing them with some caution till I learn the moves and get a little stronger. I was supposed to do the Yoga yesterday (which I heard was terrible!) but didn't get to it because my body couldn't leave the couch.. :) . I am very sore today though. I dont know if it's from the running, the P90X, both or the terrible bed we have... but I am in pain. I hope I can complete my 4 miles tonight. And then hopefully, be able to do the Yoga tomorrow and get back on schedule (I love a schedule).

So all in all, not our best week, but damn if we didnt try!


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