Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dont look at old pics to make you feel better

The title of this post probably sounds a lot worse than what I am truly talking about. But I uploaded a bunch of photos from the last several months onto my computer tonight and so I was browsing through my iPhoto. And man oh man, I am starting to look O-L-D!! There is such a difference from how I looked 5 years ago to now. And you never really notice because you look in the mirror at your self every day!! For instance, there are now lines on my face that werent there a few years ago. There is definitely more weight on my body. I dont even think I look like the same person!! I mean, some of the pictures are scarey, purely for the fact that my outfit and makeup choices are horrendous! But, I don't know how to explain it. I thought it would be a little nostalgic to go back through old photos, but not so much. Maybe it's too soon. Maybe in 20 years it might be fun.... or maybe not... maybe it will be worse.

Good thing I have started my new face regimen and my goals for 2010!!!

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  1. A new face regimen?? I started using Mary Kay skin care products...I have the lines too...le sigh.