Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Every day I read about 10-15 different blogs. Ranging from fashion advice, to health advice, to arts and crafts. I choose to read each of these for the pure fact that I want to be like all of them! Funny, smart, creative, witty, etc etc. I especially get excited about the blogs where they are creating things every day. I am in awe and a little bit jealous too. I so want to be crafty! I want to make.. THINGS! Whatever it may be. Now, I come from an artistic background. I took extra art classes in high school, majored in art studio/graphic design in college and now actually work as a graphic designer in the advertising world. So I get my share of being creative, but not the "creative" I want to be or do, or whatever. I could make soo many cute things if I just had the time. Time is always the issue. When am I ever going to have free time to do what I want? Right now I am currently holding 2 jobs (sorta). I work an 8-5 m-f and then come home and do more stuff on my computer to help get my own business running. But I just want to be crafty! I have so many crafty ideas. Today, I read one of my blogs where she was taking a sewing class! WHAT?! I wanna do that!! How fun!? And I want to paint, and draw, and make things for the house, etc etc etc etc. I just want it all. How do people balance?

(my posts always turn into rants.. excuse me... its an outlet)

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  1. if you dont have the time to take a class (or the money) just teach yourself. i wanted to learn to knit so bad but i couldnt justify paying for a class. the internet is a wonderful thing and so i taught myself. plus, i had a friend who was also teaching herself at the same time so it was nice being able to talk to someone about it.
    i went to youtube and howcast and you wouldnt believe how many videos there are on any subject you would want to learn. and a lot of the time, if you have any questions, the people who make the video or blog or whatever you are teaching yourself off of, they are pretty friendly and more than willing to help if you have questions.

    the same friend above also wanted to be more crafty and sew more. she asked for a sewing machine for christmas and she is just starting from there.

    i guess i just like the satisfaction of teaching myself how to do something :)