Friday, January 8, 2010

2 wants

I am such an organizer these days. I love lists, for one thing. And I love the thought of everything having a "home". Like on my computer for instance, I will make folder after folder for files to fit into so it's all organized for me to find easily. So there are two things on my "want" list (along with a 1,000 others) that will help me in the organization department..

1. A good address book.
When planning our wedding we had to collect about 200 addresses for all of our friends and family and currently they are all sitting in an Excel document on my computer. I hate that. I want a really cute address book to write in (with pretty pens!) and make it all organized. What would also be beneficial in my new address book, would be a place for all my passwords! I find that I usually use the same password for everything, but I recently had to change it because someone hacked into my email account. So now, I am totally confused as to what has the new, old or REALLY old password... it's hard to keep up!

2. A recipe book. (not a cookbook)
Since G and I have decided to not eat out for the entire month of January, I am wanting to make new recipes besides our staples of chicken, asparagus and sweet potatoes! And I know there are TONS of recipes that I have found but don't print out because i have no where to store the recipe once I finish making it. Currently, I have a few recipes written down on printer paper stuffed in a drawer in the kitchen, not really helpful (or organized). So, this recipe book could be an accordion folded binder or something like that, but I don't want to just pick it up from the local office supply store, I'd rather have something cute and stylish!

Any thoughts to where I could acquire such things?


  1. i hear ya on the recipe book. i have recipes EVERYWHERE!! i have an app on my macbook called measuring cups, which is nice, but i have yet to sit down and actually put all the recipes i have into it. i have the blog and thought i would keep everything on there but that hasnt worked out so far... :) i have a bookmark folder full of recipes and that has seemed to work the best so far but i know i need to get more organized.

    i would LOVE to have this but it is a little outta my price range, especially for a recipe book. if i come across something though, i will let you know!

  2. You might try SteinMart...Shelbyville Rd across from St. Matthew's mall. I got a really nice Recipe Binder there a few years ago. I think Target has some also. :) Good Luck!

  3. I have a great recipie book that i picked up at Ben Franklins, have seen cute ones at Archivers as well. They come with very cute recipie cards for you to write them on and usually you can print recipies out in a card size - just check before you print. Very cute and it looks really cute if you make a copy of the card if you want to share a recipie with someone.

    I got a fabulous Kate Spade Address book - it is so cute and very trendy looking and i did not pay nearly as much as one would think. I think i make sure it is updated and that i write the addresses in their cute just cause i spent a little extra money on it!