Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 1 update

Well, G and I have done it.. we have not eaten out for an entire week! I will admit that we almost used one of our visa gift cards we got for the wedding to go out and get something yesterday, but we refrained, made ourselves a pizza and kept on with our goal. I am hoping to try some new recipes this week as we have pretty much made all of our "staple" food, so we may have to make another dreaded trip to the grocery.. but we'll see how long we can go with out going there.

I have also been pretty good about eating better. The sweets were definitely down (until g made me brownies while I was at the movies thursday night. luckily, they hardened and weren't as good the next day!) And I pretty much drank water all week too. An occasional glass of juice, milk or a crystal light packet in my drink. I did have 1 coke yesterday, but I just couldn't help myself.. I was recovering ;)

We have also made it through week 1 of the mini marathon training! It has been utterly cold here for the past week even getting snow one day, so G and I are so thankful we have a treadmill! I am not a huge fan of the treadmill, but for little short runs like we are doing right now it's OK. I am hoping to get back outside this week. And I am sooo proud of G. This is something he never thought he would do and he is doing so good. He's been going down and running on the treadmill on schedule with no complaint. I just hope the enthusiasm keeps up (from him and me!)

Oh and here is a horror story for you. On saturday, I decided to take fat boy (the charlie dog) out for a walk, since he has been cooped up in the house for while because of the weather. There is still a bit of snow on the ground, so I was trying to find something else to wear besides jeans. I remembered I had a pair of green cargo-ish type pants that I had lost a button too and just needed to resew on one. So, I found the pants, found the correct replacement button in my "button bag" and proceeded to sew on the new button (which happened to be the button that closes the pants at the waist). Being proud of myself for the sewing skills, I put the pants on..... ACK!!.... they dont fit!! OMG. I mean I couldnt have buttoned them if I tried... :( I dont remember exaclty when I had these pants on last, but I didnt know I had put on so much weight!! I am utterly disappointed and sad. I mean, I fit into all of my other clothes, so I am not exactly sure why these dont fit, but something must be done pronto! It's just rediculous. I have a complete fear of "letting myself go" and it kind of drives me insane. So now, I must get my a$$ in gear (literally).

Besides the traumatic event, the only other thing I didnt accomplish was starting P90X! I know, I know... it's gonna happen. Especially after the pants incident!!!

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