Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who wants to...

Buy me a completely new wardrobe??

I am very serious about this.

I pulled out my "spring/summer" clothes before going to L.A., since the weather was/is getting so much warmer, and much to my dismay, they suck. Everything is like 3 - 4 years old and completely worn, and not even cute any more. It's really kind of depressing. I was hoping that my summer wardrobe would get me out of the winter funk of clothes, but no.

I need everything new... shirts! bottoms (skirts, capris, jeans)! tanks! dresses! bathing suit! Problem is, I am little stingy on cash. I am not one of those that can go out and spend $40 on a tshirt or even $80 on a pair of pants. It just hurts me to do it. I really need to get on "what not to wear" so that I can have a free $5000 to spend on me!! Either that or win the lottery, or find someone who just wants to spend money on me. haha.

Another problem I have is getting rid of stuff all the time. I am known to purge a few times a year, which leave with less and less... part of this is attributed to the fact that my closet is TINY.. I'm talking maybe 1.5 feet wide.. maybe. So, if I dont see it, it doesnt get worn, it eventually gets tossed because I haven't worn it.

So who wants to take me shopping!?!?!??!

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