Monday, April 26, 2010

Final Week Update

Wow!! Training is OVER (for now, will explain later). 16 long weeks of running 5 days a week with our longest run days being on saturdays. We ran in snow, rain, cold, heat, and everything else. We have endured blisters and bruises and sore muscles. But through it all we pushed toward our goal of 13.1 miles.

And we finished out of 10,748 finishers. It is an amazing accomplishment and like I have said before, I am extremely proud of my husband for doing the whole thing.

We ran pretty much the whole way except for a few minute in the middle where I HAD to go the bathroom (I have never stopped in a race before) and a couple times during the end to walk the water stops. My legs hurt from about mile 7 on, but I knew I just had to keep going or else I wasn't going to make it.

As you can see from above, I finished in 2 hours and 23 minutes.. which is pretty much exactly what I finished the race in last year. I am not fast by any means, but I did it. It rained for the first part of the race, and then thankfully tapered off and cleared up (luckily for my parents who were at the finish line).

It was good. I am proud. Gonna rest this week.

Here's how the last week of training went:

Monday: 4 miles
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: rest
Friday: was supposed to do 1 mile, but had a wedding to go to, so nothing
Saturday: 13.1!!!
Sunday: rest.. well, clean house and make a fancy dinner party ;)

I totally took the whole week off of P90X. I decided that I just needed to let my body rest a little bit before the race. Plus, it was a little crazy last week, so I was having a hard time fitting everything in. I think I am going to take this week off too, just to recover, and then come back next week to finally finish off Phase 2 and start on Phase 3 the next week (that's the plan anyway-- it's good to have a plan). Then, as I stated above, I think we may do another half marathon in the fall. As one of my goals for 2010, I want to run 2 half marathons. So since, I have just completed the first, gotta start looking for the second, possibly Chicago. Once that is decided, training will begin again. I want to keep up running, so I don't fall back and have to start from scratch if I decide to race again.

Ok, long post for a monday. I'll post pics from the race later.

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