Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 14 Update

14 weeks!! Can you believe it?! It's pretty amazing I must say. 14 weeks = 98 days. Thats like almost a third of the year gone by! We have definitely come a long way from the first mile on January 2nd (or whatever the exact day was, can't recall)!! And we only have 2 more weeks till the big race. At this point, we feel pretty prepared, but it is still a daunting task to undertake, so we wont be slacking on any of of our runs.

Here's our week:

Monday : 4 miles
Tuesday : Kenpo X ( was also supposed to run 3 miles, but had a few errands and didn't get a chance)
Wednesday: 4 miles and Core Synergistics (so happy to be back on schedule with P90x)
Thursday : 2 miles and Cardio X (you will notice our milage is not as far as it has been, and that is due to the schedule tapering off before the race. It will help us not to over do it before the race and keep our bodies fresh)
Friday: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps and Ab Ripper X
Saturday: 8 miles (it was a beautiful day... the sun was out, the temperature wasn't too warm.. nice breeze. pretty perfect. I can only cross my fingers that the weather will be just like that for the race. And my legs felt good. It was a great run for me)
Sunday: nada (was supposed to do Yoga X, but G and I worked in the yard for 2 days straight, so I am counting that as my workout. I am definitely sore today! Not to mention, a lovely sunburn on my back..haha)

This week should be even easier as far as runs go, so I am going to increase my intensity on the P90X. I am also at a cross roads about what I want to do after the race. I really like having a schedule of work outs to do. It keeps me accountable. I will have one more phase with P90X, but I am thinking I may take 30 days to do the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred before completing. I can't decide. Just want to change it up.. give my body a little bit of a rest, but not totally give up exercise. I have found that if I stop, even for a short while, my body gives it back to me two fold. Plus, I want to keep up with my 2010 goal of being in the best shape EVER!!!! We'll see

Happy Monday!

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