Friday, April 16, 2010

Eye Brows

Lately, I have noticed that my eyebrows are disappearing in pictures. It's kind of a weird thing, since in person I think I have fairly darker brows. But, in thinking about this, and remembering what I did for my wedding, I have started to fill in my brows to help out my face a bit. I guess I shouldnt be too surprised, since my mother's eyebrows are so blonde she has to fill them in too. I dont know if it's that they are too light, or that I have plucked them too much, but I am going with the too light reason.


Can you see a difference? It's pretty subtle (obviously) but I think it definitely helps.... do you?

(notice the "unused"

And here is the color I used. It doesnt look like it would have that much effect, but I think it makes a difference. It's just a shadow from one of my old MAC palettes. I dont know the exact color. I probably need to go and get actual eye brow filler stuff, but just haven't gotten to sephora yet, so this will do for now

Do you fill in your brows?


  1. I have to fill in my eye brows as well. I have a scar that runs right through one of them so my eye brow doesn't grow where the scar is. It drives me nuts!

  2. Hey! New blogger here. (:
    I saw your eyebrow picture and stopped to read. Like you my eyebrows are super light (and because of a few bad eyebrow wax jobs at the salon - not all there, like they used to be)

    I've been thinking of getting permanent make-up, I found a really great lady a bit pricy. Nope – I haven’t done it yet.

    Come check out my blog if you’d like. New-bee here only has one follower. Boohoo – lol