Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 13 Update

Yes, I was a terrible blogger last week. It's hard to go on vacation and then come back and try to get into the swing of things, especially if you return in the middle of a week. I am totally one of those people that has to start everything on a monday, diets, workouts, lists, etc etc. It just helps me keep track of things better.

Anyway, last week was probably the worst week yet, but with exception because of travel. Here's how it panned out:

Monday- nada, still in CA, traveling back home
Tuesday - had gotten stuck in ATL trying to get back home monday, ended up hanging out in an airport all day till we got home at 5 pm.. that night I went to a concert with a friend.
Wednesday- back on schedule with running, 5 miles
Thursday - 3 miles
Friday- off

Saturday - 10 mile race!! (G and I finished the last let of the triple crown of running on saturday. Thankfully the weather was warm enough, but a little cloudy, and it actually rained around mile 6. We did great though. I beat my time from last year by 4 min!! And G ran the whole way without stopping once. I am so proud of him-- can I say this enough? I felt pretty good that day, even with the congestion that still has not gone out of my face. The last race of the season will be in 3 weeks, the 1/2 marathon, so we are gearin up!)

Sunday- 8 mile, leisurely bike ride with G. (we weren't out for exercise, but when you haven't biked in YEARS, it can get hard. Today my butt bones REALLY hurt, I think they are bruised, and I am pretty sore everywhere else, so we will count it as exercise)

I totally did not do any P90X last week. After having those few days off, I found it hard to pick back up again. Plus, with this whole sinus issue, I just havent felt well. I am hoping to get back in it tonight (and redo my schedule). I am only 2 "weeks" away from completing Phase 2!! And I really want to do the whole thing.

Also, G and I have decided to go back to eating at home more often. We did it in January for every meal, and it really saved us money and helped us to eat better. This time though, we are going to try to do it every meal monday- friday. That way, we can still enjoy a dinner out on the weekends and not feel so restricted. I still have some pounds I want to lose, and I hope this helps with that too. Bikini season is fast approaching!!!

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