Wednesday, April 14, 2010

House Decorating

I have been in the mood to "nest" lately. We have lived in our house for almost 3 years, and there is still a lot to be done as far as decorating goes. I always thought that I would be good at furnishing my house to make it look home-y.... but maybe not. I just dont really know how to put things together and make them look good.But as of late, I have wanted to start really making our house "ours". We need tons of stuff:• new bed
• bedside tables
• dressers
• window treatments• new paint for the office, bathroom and bedroom
• more pictures on the walls
• shelving units (we have no where to put picture frames and knick nacks!)
• chairs and table for living room
We have a very awkward room in the front of our house. It takes up the entire length of the front of the house, and one side we use for our TV and the other is more "formal" - if you can call it that. Currently it holds Charlie's crate, a old desk and a single high back chair that Charles has claimed as his own. This side also includes the fireplace. I really would like 2 chairs, matching and an ottoman/coffeetable. I had found a chair I liked at Macy's that was on clearance FOREVER and never purchased it, then it was no longer available. But just some club chairs, not too big, that would make for a nice little sitting area.

While on a blog site I frequently read.. I can't remember which one... they had some furniture from Target. And while I have always known target to carry furniture items, I was amazed by how many chairs they had! And all at pretty reasonable prices for how cute they are. I realize that the quality may not be great, but at least they will do for now (if I decide to purchase).
Here are some I really liked:(all images from


  1. Make sure you check out the shipping price on some of those chairs from Target! I found one that I LOVED one and once you added the shipping it practically doubled the price! I was so bummed! Very cute stuff though!

  2. My brother-in-law just opened a furniture store on Baxter. He has some AMAZING pieces, and pretty reasonable on pricing. The name is Oxenrose, and it is located @ 623 Baxter Avenue. You should totally check it out! But if you go with a chair from Target, I LOVE the paisly one....or the third picture with some super fun pillows. :)