Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yoga Toes!

Have you seen these things? I bought a pair yesterday to try them out.
They are supposed to help:
  • Exercise your feet to stay healthy & in shape.
  • Improve & prevent foot problems by stretching & aligning your toes.
  • Ease the discomfort of Hammertoes, Bunions & Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Recover from stress, strain & overuse.
  • Improve foot strength, flexibility & appearance.
  • Increase circulation, straighten bent toes, & realign joints.
  • Improve & reduce the aches & pains associated with poor posture.
Many of these which I have. Plus the fact my feet have been sore from running so much and not being able to get my shoes to fit 100% comfortable. I hope they work. I need them to badly.
Has anyone else used these? Back when I went to New Orleans for my bachelorette party, a friend of mine busted out a pair of these and said she really liked them. You can get them online or I just found them at the local walgreen's.

Cross your fingers.

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