Monday, March 22, 2010

This is what I get?!?!?!

(that's pretty much how I feel about you too, Miley!)

I can't remember what I have mentioned and what I haven't so if I am being redundant, please excuse me.

G and I are heading to sunny California on wednesday to visit my sister for her 30th birthday! These next couple of days are going to be LONG during the day and BUSY at night trying to get everything together before we leave. But while we are out there, we are actually going to go to a taping of the Jay Leno Show! Not that I am a huge Leno fan by any means, but it is still a chance to see a celeb up close. haha. So, I have been checking the episode guide since we found out we were getting tickets to see who was going to be taping the day we are going (I figured it has to air the same day it's filmed to keep up with current events). And when I checked today, it said Miley Cyrus and Tom Papa (the host of "The Marriage Ref").

Miley Cyrus? Really?! That is my close encounter with someone famous?! UGH.. She just drives me a little nuts and her voice needs help. I'm being mean, I realize. But couldn't I have gotten, I dunno, Cameron Diaz or something??!?! Miley! really?! Thanks.

I guess I shouldn't complain to much. The tickets are free.. And there is a great possibility we are getting on the guest list because of having a connection with someone that works for the show. It should still be a good time.. I'm just slightly disappointed.

Maybe, I'll see someone cool on my 11 mile run G and I have to do while out there. :)

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