Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Things on the Brain

I have a million things going on in my head today.. couldnt decide what to write about, so I am just going to put it all out there.

• I hope I have packed everything I need.. my suitcase sure is big enough

• Charlie dog went to the kennel, I hope he has a good time :)

• I am wondering how I am going to get all my training in this week. Last nights walk was cut a little short because G's legs were really hurting. And I had to pack so I didnt get to do KenpoX. Plus, we are missing a long 7 mile run today because we will be on an airplane! I just hope it doesnt hurt us in the long run. Oh, and I am planning on not doing my P90X while there.. it's just to hard to try and fit in (plus, who wants to pack weights?!)

• I realize that my blog is probably boring but I have reading some posts today from my daily blog reads about how people are leaving mean comments on blogs. I just don't think its necessary. I mean, here we are, the bloggers, deciding to blog just because we like to do it. It doesnt matter if we always have the greatest stories or best advice (or anything else these people were complaining about), but we like to write and feel that we need an outlet. So if you don't like someones blog, don't read it... no need to make hurtful statements.

• That being said, I wish I had more of an eventful life to write about. My day is pretty much the same every single day: Get up at 7, take dog out, go to work at 8, each lunch at home with G at noon, come home at 5, go for run, eat dinner, do P90X, and work on my personal biz. Day in and day out. It's pretty boring really.

• I think I have decided I want to run the Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon in Chicago in August. As one of my goals this year, I want to run 2 half marathons. And I love chicago, so I thought this would be a great weekend trip for us. Haven't registered yet, but seriously deciding. That will also help me keep up my "be fittest you have ever been" goal.

• Those pants, in a previous post, that didn't fit at all?? Are slowly coming around. I still can't believe I could wear them a year ago, and now I can't. It just blows my mind. I dont feel my body has changed that much in a year (and again, VERY frustrating)

• My fast food of choice these days is McDonalds. Maybe this is why my ass is fat, although I only consume it probably 2 times a month (if that). But I just can't resist the coke!! YUM!

• I think G and I are going to back to not eating out all the time. My finance have really been hurting since Feb and I just need to get back on track. Plus, I can eat healthier that way.

• Speaking of healthy, I think I have G wanting to eat better. We are total carb people. I mean we eat pasta or bread at every meal (or some type of starch). I really want to try to get away from it so that I can reach some goals this year. I realize I am putting some terrible stuff into my body, and I want to change, it's just hard to do it alone.

See what I mean.. lots of thoughts.. I could go on and on too, but I won't bore you. I hope to blog while on vacation, but if not, then you know why

Happy Hump Day!

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