Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

• I really need to quit talking about people in a negative way. I have been so "negative nancy" lately it's gross. Just saying caddy things and unnecessary things. Do other people struggle with this? It's so easy to talk about someone and then think no one talks about you! HA! yea right. So maybe, if I quit talking about others, the good karma will come back around to me?!

• I need a good book to read. I haven't picked up a book since our honeymoon almost 6 months ago!! I especially will need one for our trip to L.A. I get anxiety on planes these days, so anything to keep my mind off of it for a 4 hour flight would be fantastic!

• Speaking of Los Angeles... I am SOOO PUMPED about my trip. I am so glad that my sister lives out there to give us a tour of the city. I want to do some touristy things too. ACK! I can't wait. Hello California!

• I am getting my hair done today, and have no idea what I want to do. Right now it's all one length just below my shoulders. I am kind of liking the one length, but I think I want it about an inch above my shoulders, in more of a bob. And my color just needs some HELP! It is sooo blah these days. I wish I had someone to come style my hair everyday for me.

• I have to remember to go to the bank today!

• I need to figure out my weekend plans. I have 2 different things to do saturday night and I can't decide. One, I dont really want to do, but feel like I should since I already said I would. And the other would be more fun, but I just want to stay home. Both activities are out of town. Plus I have a shower on sunday that I need to be back for. Ugh. Decisions, Decisions



  1. I'm with you. I totally need to stop being a meanie...but I can't help myself. You should check out the book...The Help. I just finished it and it's kinda amazing. I'm jealous. I totally want to visit Wheel of Fortune's biggest STAR! :) xo Jer