Friday, March 12, 2010

Running Routes

I thought I would share a bit of advice for my fellow runners out there that may, or may not know of 2 great sites.

I am apparently "in charge" of find our running routes for our little team of runners, or some days just me and G. And I dont mind to do it, but sometimes it can be tough to figure out 10 miles (which I have to do for tomorrow). So a couple a years ago I came across This is a completey free service to use. It is basically set up in google maps, but you can create your own routes and it will tell you how far you have gone. Or, if you dont want the task of marking it out yourself, there are saved routes from other people that you can view and use. I think this is a genious idea and definitely beats driving in your car to figure out 10 miles.

Another great site, that does the same thing is The great thing about is that they are the people that actually create the routes for official races (like half and full marathons). It's a little harder to find the maps on this page. So here are the steps: click "sports" on upper right on bar. Click "road running" on the pull down menu. Click "running routes" on left column. And from their you can either select "find a route" to view others saved routes or click "create a route" to create a new one just for you.

Happy Running!

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