Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend Plans

It's another exciting weekend for us! Well, we have a lot planned anyway.

Tonight I am heading to a "wine party" with some family friends. I have to make a trey of fruit to go with the champagne we are tasting. Should be kind of a fun evening. A friend of mine works for a liquor distributor and she needs to work on her wine pairing skills, so she decided to throw a little get together where everyone brings a dish and she will pair the wines to go with each dish. But I can't get too excited about the wine because.....

I get to wake up tomorrow and run 9 miles!!! YAY! haha. All I really want to do is sleep in, but alas, we are getting up and heading out around 8:30. And it hasnt warmed up at all around here. blah. I need to map out our route today so we will be prepared in the morning.

After that, it will be a day of errands, P90X- X Stretch (which I am kind of excited about and will definitely be needed after the run) and heading to the next town over for a friends birthday. We are heading out to eat with a group of people and then probably hitting up the bar for a least a drink or two... what else are you supposed to do on your birthday??? :)

The Sunday, I have a wedding shower to go to at 2pm. Followed by a lovely P90X session and some house cleaning. It seems to be another weekend of running around and not much laying around-- which is going to be happening for the next several weeks (maybe up until race day).

Wish me luck on the 9 miler tomorrow and hope my feet don't fall off!

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