Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Weekend, Another Race

We are gearing up for the 3rd race of the "season" tomorrow. It is still bitterly cold here and they even had to change the course because of ice still on the roads. It is supposed to be a 6K or a 4 miler, but with the change, it will only be 3.6 miles. Therefore, instead of the easy 3 extra miles we have to run tomorrow, we now get to add on another .4 to complete our total of 7!
The morning is gonna come early, and I am not looking forward to the hills on the course! But all will be good when we finish the race. Wish team Flab to Fab luck on this next adventure.

PS. I have also been getting random comments from what look to be spammers.. please stop this. I love comments, and would love more, but I dont want them from spammers. K, thx.


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