Friday, February 5, 2010

Off the Wagon!!

I have been so excited this week because we were finally able to eat out, eat sweets, etc etc that I kind of went over board. You would think that when you have been eating fairly good (and at home) for 30 days, it would start to become routine, and you wouldnt "crave" the stuff you are giving up, but not so much for me.
I was starving on wednesday morning, so I made the trek to Walgreen's (another place I gave up for the month of January). There I bought myself a yummy orange soda, cheezits and sour patch kids! I couldnt help myself. I had been depriving way to long of the nasty stuff. And now I am here to say it wasnt such a good idea. It completely filled my body up with salt. Ugh. And now I feel that I am feeling the effects of them. Thankfully, I didnt eat them all in one day, but I could have. I believe I even gained 2 lbs of water/salt weight. ICK. I now know better. No more snacking at work (and eat breakfast!!!). I just couldn't say no to the temptation. But maybe now, that I have had my "fix", I'll be back on track.
Wish me luck!

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  1. Just passing through! Got me craving sour stuff though