Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 4 Update

Finally the end of January! I must say, it was kind of a tough month with not eating out at all, and not drinking sodas. And while, I wasn't 100% with my goals, I was definitely at like a 95%! We ate out I think 4 times, and I had maybe 3-4 sodas. I think that is pretty good. I am going to try to keep up with this goal though, (because I definitely saved some money!) but it's just not going to be as strict! I cannot wait to have me some sushi!!!!!! haha.

But as far as last week goes, another perfect week with the running. Even had to run the long 5 miles on saturday on the treadmill. I hope it warms up because I dont think I could go much further on the treadmill.... it's soo boring! Luckily, the Louisville/West Virginia game was on when I decided to run, so I ran the first half and it seemed to make the time go by faster. I also completed all my P90X videos I had schedules for the week, which included: Legs & Back, plus Ab Ripper, Kenpo X and yesterday started "week 2" with another Core Synergistic. I am definitely starting to feel the difference even after two weeks! 2010 goal here I come!!!

On friday night, G and I had made plans to go to a cooking class. A couple friends of ours had given us a gift certificate for classes as a wedding gift and we finally scheduled a class to go to. We enjoy cooking at home, but are always on the look out for new recipes. Our menu that night consisted of Classic Italian Risotto, Red Wine Braised Beef Tenderloin and Hot Chocolate Floats with Coffee Brandy! YUMMY! And for a little treat, here is the recipe for the hot chocolate floats:

12 oz whole milk
2 oz granulated sugar
1 oz rum
4 oz semi-sweet chocolate
pinch of cinnamon
1-2 oz coffee brandy
2 scoops of ice cream (flavor of choice, we had rocky road)
2 oz whipped cream

Place the milk and sugar and rum in a sauce pan and place over low heat and allow to scald to a temperature of 205 degrees. Place the chocolate and the cinnamon in bowl and set aside. When the milk scalds, slowly pour over the chocolate and wisk until smooth. Pour chocolate mixture into a class, add in scoop of ice cream and drizzle with coffee brandy. Top with whipped cream!
(If you'd like to make for kids, obviously eliminate the alcohol). It was delicious!

This recipe was developed by Chef Mike Cunha from Sullivan College and Limestone Restaurant.


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