Sunday, August 1, 2010


Things never end up as planned.. isn't that the way it goes?

Friday, G asked if I wanted to meet him in Chicago for a quick trip. See, G had gone to Minneapolis for work and was supposed to be there for 2 weeks (hence the time frame for my "experiment"), but he ended up deciding to come back early, and we were going to meet friday night on his way back. So, needless to say, my work out and my diet went out the window from friday on.

Since I was driving 5 hours, I ended up getting something to eat on the road, aka fast food. BLECH. Not good for the body. Then, we got up the next morning, skipped our long run and headed back home.. and stopping at cracker barrell for brunch.

Like I said, things never end up as planned. I need to regroup and start something new. I REALLY want to loose a few pounds before heading to Hawaii but it's just so hard to get started on the right path, and even harder to stay on it. I am seriously considering doing Weight Watchers again. A few years ago, when I lived by myself, and had to make all my own meals, I did weight watchers, and lost some. But like I mentioned in my previous post, it's hard to do this kind of stuff when you are feeding someone else that eats twice as much. I dunno. We'll see if it happens.

I am not too worried about missing my run on saturday. Honestly, my legs needed a break. My calves are on fire these days. But my new shoes came on friday and I can't wait to put them on tomorrow and head out for a 5 mile run. We have a month in a half till the race, and I am determined to be as prepared as I can be for it. Sometimes your body just needs a rest. I hope that everything will feel good tomorrow and I can continue on my training without pain.

Happy Sunday!

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