Monday, August 9, 2010

How is it...

- that I can go out for a nine mile run on saturday, and struggle with a 3 mile run on monday
- that my knee can hurt me all day, but then on said run, its ok, its other parts of my leg that hurt
- that I can run 5 miles a week and never loose 1 lb.
- that my "to-do" list never gets shorter
- that my 100 lb lab just now started chewing on a bone I gave him 3 days ago
- that everyone I know seems to be having kids
- that I am in my late 20s
- that I can never find worthy blog topics, but could read useless information about other people all day
- that I never have enough clothes but can purge like there is no tomorrow
- that there is never any thing to eat in the fridge
- that i am where I am
- that i have a lot of creative ideas but would rather sleep my free time away
- that i am always tired
- that I have managed to surround myself with wonderful friends (even if they dont live so close)
- that I don't live near a beach


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