Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not injured...

Went to the docitity doctor today to get checked up on what is going on with my leg pain. Like I said in a previous post, I have had some extreme pain in my left leg starting at my foot and growing up through my calf.. and then sometimes my knee hurts and sometimes my hip hurts. Last week, when I finally decided to make the appointment, I was in a lot of pain, kind of limping around when I walked...much less ran on it.

But like all doctors, it took them a week before they could fit me in. In that week, I took off a couple days but still continued to run. And by yesterday, on my 4 mile non-stop (except for crossing streets) run, it was starting to feel better. But I decided to keep the appointment just in case.

So I went in today, letting them know that I thought the main cause of the pain was starting in my foot... with my bunyon (which by the way, is a gross word... can't "they" name it something else?). I have been having to really stretch out my calves and my toes... Yoga Toes are my best friend sometimes (I actually have the generic from Walgreen's). So the doc examined, asked a lot of questions, even took X-rays.

And nothing.. well, that he could easily diagnos. He told me to go to this other running shoe place in town and have the owner, who knows anything and everything about feet and running to look at my shoes and let me know if I need to get a different pair. If he doesn't think there is anything wrong with the shoes I have (and have been "fitted" for multiple times) then I should call back and talk to the foot and ankle specialist.

I am glad it's nothing serious, and I can still run... but I am a little disappointed, because in all honesty, my foot still hurts. I hope it goes away. I don't want to have to buy another pair of shoes when I just got the ones I am using now. But I guess that is a better alternative than not running or something else.

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